When a 'Post-truth' era is only but a failed myth



|By Mylene Doublet O’Kane, UTC+1

|Original source: French

If thinkers may sometimes play the town idiot in preaching black or white or grey while commenting on daily politics, that doesn’t mean that they suffer from major personality disorders or that they intend to influence minds in all directions. It rather means that daily politics is hardly ever crucial to understand the world.

If one looks back in time and selects a particular historical event with a view to understanding it–let’s say a “color revolution” (‘printemps’ for the French readership) – his research would not immediately focus on its inner developments or nuances but more significantly on the “deep roots” or the core rationale which has prevailed and lied behind this occurrence. In doing so, his approach would quite inevitably take him to a complete review of the history of Ideas. What does that mean? It only means that short-term and long-term History do exist. However, only may long-term history be considered as history for the excellent reason that history is nothing more than the History of Ideas. This is where ideologies are formed.

For instance, a common belief states that “all wars are ‘banksters’-led wars to capture the wealth of the many nations of the world while their strong hold on tools they have created/subsidized for their own convenience in all critical domains allow them to crush resisting powers/leaders”. Nevertheless, this belief only scratches the surface. A second look at things would reveal that wars are more critically and more permanently wars of Ideas.

If I state that WASP-Jewish Zionist bankers use Sunni absolutist monarchism to disseminate Islamic terrorism with a view to perpetuating a vacillating Latinized supremacist Empire, what do I state?

Firstly, I state that within Jewish-inherited Christianity, a final schism between the Latinized world (Rome) and the Greek-inherited world (Byzantium) occurred in 1054, when the Latinized Great Popes reformers insisted on timeless power’s supremacy (G-d) over the temporal power (Kings and Emperors), whereas the Eastern Popes would submit to the temporal power. Secondly, I would state that this schism would determine much of the hostility of Western Christianity towards Eastern Christianity.

In addition, I would state that the Roman Catholic apostolic Church would claim to be the true upholder of Roman heritage and therefore, that the Roman Church determined the temporal powers to delimit strict borders between Western Latinized Christianity and its eastern counterpart. This is the core rationale that has prevailed upon the sack of Constantinople (Byzantium) by the Latinized Crusaders in 1204 which would remain a vibrant memory of Latinized Christianity’s barbarism against their Eastern Christian “brothers”. This event would signal the final victory and the beginning of the supremacist attitude of Latinized Western Europe towards the rest of the world. In present day, Russia embodies both the vivid memory the European Greek heritage and of Eastern Christianity.

Furthermore, I would also state that for a long period of time within Latinized Christianity, the fate of “Latinized” European bankers would depend on the goodwill of Kings/ Emperors and by causal relation, on the Goodwill of Popes. This situation would be particularly concerning for Jewish servi camerae regis (Jewish lenders to Kings) since the temporal power (ie. a King) – himself submitted to timeless power (Roman Church)- had the right to tax them for the benefit of royal treasury. (ie. see “Laws of Edward the Confessor” -England, 12th Century).

I would also state that “Latinized” European bankers would finally find a way to overthrow both temporal and timeless powers (Kings and Popes) in actively financing apparent “Humanistic Ideologies” while continuing to finance, at the same time, Western-latizined-led colonialism and forced Christianization worldwide. There is a permanent rule in long-term History. If a challenging power wants to overthrow a leading rival, it shall use forces able to instrumentalize masses for the excellent reason that the last virtue which dies inside a man is hope [for a better life]. All throughout the Middle Ages, Christianity had promised a better life after death, [once a man has reached the Kingdom of G-d]. This understanding would determine Latinized bankers to opt for a radical strategy which would eventually target the theological postulate [the existence of G-d]. Question: How do you kill G-d in a human brain and the idea that He created the world (creationism)? Answer: In promoting both ideologies that the human being is alone at the center of the universe and a science-based explanation for the origins of the world. This is how and why were born the latinized eurocentric Ideas of Humanism and Modernity.

I would hence state that their “philanthropic” activities would increase on purpose during the 16th century (Renaissance). By consequentialism [reaction], the leading timeless power (Roman Catholic Church) would vehemently try to resist a challenging temporal power (Kings) whose bankers had “genuinely” determined to sponsor “Free spirits” in all arenas. This approach allows a sharper understanding of what forces were being at play during “The European religious wars” that occurred between the 16th and 17th centuries. The subsequent successful religious internal schism within “Latinized” Christianity [protestantism/Anglicanism/ Calvinism, Lutherism..] would eventually give birth to the distorted Hegelian postulate that History admits an inner natural direction [The Reason of History] which walks towards “human Freedom”; the deceitful epitome of which would translate into “color revolutions” the most famous of which being the French revolution (1789). Indeed, during the so-called Century of Enlightment, “philanthropic” bankers had further sponsored and promoted “Free spirit” thinkers and particularly those developing secular moral theories (ie.Hume) which grounded morality in the pleasing and useful consequences that result from “individualistic” actions. In others words, the notions of individualism and the introduction of the term “utility” into the moral vocabulary would not only pave the way for classic utilitarianism but also for Capitalism  (ie: Adam Smith- An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1776 ).

By the turn of the 19th Century, a led from behind pagan era was in the move. The combination of scientific progress with Latinized Bankers-sponsored opposing “humanistic” ideas [Capitalism and Marxism] would further allow these “philanthropic” gentlemen to kill two birds with one stone. Karl Marx’ “Das Kapital”(1867-1883) was entirely financed by Latinized private Bankers. Besides, although abundantly supported by the very same players, the Napoleonic wars had proven unable to capture much coveted Tsar-controlled Russian wealth and the Latinized knowledge that Russia would remain the symbolic figure of the Greek heritage was remaining an additional threat to their supremacy. The Communist ideology was conveniently propagated from Germany to Russia as a tool to orchestrate a “color revolution” in the latter Empire. Bankers’ ambition had not changed. As soon as he moved to Europe in 1900, Lenin’s long stay and revolutionary party were financed by mostly London-based Latinized bankers whose freedom and perimeters of unvetted actions had increasingly been extended since the Laws of William and Mary (1689). 

I would quite logically wonder what gain was expected in return of their financial support for a Russian “color revolution”. The answer admits the same “regime change” policy as many persons may only understand today. At the turn of the 20th century, the capture of oil and gas deposits had become a top priority to rule over a new industrial era. Furthermore, I would state that in 1904 and again in 1910, British geographer and geopolitical strategist Halford Mackinder warned the British Empire about a challenging power it could hardly defeat; should Germany and Russia be ideologically united, as they were already geographically united in a so-called “Geopolitical pivotal Heartland and surrounding Rimland”(Mackinder’s theory)

All throughout the 19th century [but to be honest as soon as the 17th century], ennoblements, inter-cultural marriages between WASP and Jewish families of private Bankers but also a convergence of private interests involving the European Aristocracy, a new bourgeoisie and the religious authorities (Catholic, Protestant and Jewish) had tightened bonds with notable fruitful profits from America’s development [private introduction of railways, steam transportation, building infrastructures and natural resources’ exploitation etc.]. Considering this frame, one may wonder about the true meaning of the French Affaire Dreyfus/ Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy. Was it dedicated to promote the idea of  “antisemitism” only to hide a WASP/Catholic/Jewish zionist-led from behind class of private interests eager to escalate a much more rewarding hostility between the European Empires? By the turn of the 20th century, a new “anti-clerical/clerical aristocracy-bourgeoisie” had totally fallen under WASP-Jewish Bankers’ control. Besides, British-French private investments had gradually submitted the Ottoman Empire but the Austro-Hungarian Empire was moving closer towards its Russian counterpart, although the French and British Empires had tried to break it up (see Balkans’ war).

Parallel to this frame of escalated tensions along nationalistic, religious and ethnic lines, I should thus also mention that in 1910, Latinized private Bankers started to work on their biggest achievement which would translate three years later by the privatization of the American banking system; right before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria; heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne which further led to a predictable European diplomatic crisis and to a so-called Great War forcing the old colonialist Empires to contract unmanageable debts; the benefits of which would turn out to be immense for their instigators. In weaponizing a Muslim “black hand” group while involving East Christian orthodox “anarchists” in the direct assassination, the trap was only, but a brilliant conceptualization ; a less glorious scenario which would be repeated seventy years later (Euro Balkans’ war 1994). In 1913, Latinized Bankers’ ultimate reward would certainly translate into their instrumental accomplishment; the final submission of “the Land of Free” more commonly promoted in its romanticized version as “the American democracy”.

In 1918, they had brilliantly taken over two Empires while dismantling a third one (Austro-Hungarian Empire) and a fourth one; the Ottoman Empire, as the emblematic trophy and final victory over a divided Muslim world. This original internal division between Sunni and Shia Islam had already been successfully weaponized during WW1 by the British Empire via the British intelligence officer, Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) whose mission had led to an Arab revolt and to the creation of an Arab Legion incorporated to British General Allenby’s expedition corps. This weaponization eventually defeated the Ottoman Empire in Damas (1918).

From 1918 forward, although Lenin’s sudden death and Stalin’s unpredictable takeover had jeopardized Bankers’ planned-outcome for Russia and the capture of the country’s natural wealth, how to control the world had become the final obsession. Islamic world’s weaponization was one means. However, this bold enterprise demanded the creation of additional useful tools. One should quite logically remind of Mackinder’s theory:“Never ever let Germany and Russia be reunited”. Nazism was not born out of the blue. At no time has it been exclusively fostered by a bunch of rich German and American industrialists and a British extravagant crown heir; as the absurd narrative would further be propagated within the post-Yalta’s Western bloc. The history of Ideas says otherwise. The creation of Switzerland-based Bank for International Settlements (1930) and its activities with Nazis prove otherwise. In Germany, the subsidiaries of American corporations such as Ford, General Motor (GM) and ITT produced all sorts of planes and tanks and other sorts of martial weapons for the Nazis including after Pearl Harbor’s attack. All throughout the duration of the war, at no time did their respective production plants under aerial bombardments. Business with Nazis and the presence of Latinized Bankers in multiple boards of Administration, including George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush who was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany claim out loud that Nazism could have been stopped and that therefore, it was another tool created once again, to crush the modern version of the Russian Empire [Soviet Union]. It is no coincidence that right after Stalingrad’s crushing defeat (1943), the war in Europe was over within a year and half. Latinized Bankers had insisted until they had come to realize that the plan would not work. I would also state – though very much should be mentioned if the present article was dedicated to this question- that the secret “Quincy Agreements” between Saudi Arabia’s King and Roosevelt in 1945 would only formally organize the transfer of authority from the collapsed British Empire-led alliance between WASP Zionism/ Jewish Zionism and Saudi Arabia-led Islamic absolutist monarchism and their U.S-WASP counterpart. Furthermore, I would also state that exactly as Nazism would surprisingly immediately become irrelevant right after WW2 [as “the fight against Communism” vs Capitalism became the new ideology within the Western “bloc”] ; so is today propagated the absurd fallacy that Sunni Islamic terrorism is associated with “revisionist great powers” ; namely Russia, Iran and China.

Right after WW2 ended,  as a reparation for their immense sacrifice, many among the Jewish people were given positions in every key area of power and of counter-power most notably in the U.S. and gradually to a global level via international organizations. In parallel, many German brains would further help the U.S. perform in critical scientific areas.(see NASA etc.) while, at the same time, their Nazi shameful past would be weaponized in order to shape a US-led puppet modern Germany and European Union. The truth is that  Germany never became Nazi out of the blue. The German people were trapped into a WASP-Jewish Zionist bankers’ machination in the exact same way as the “Ummah” (the world of Islam as a whole) is being weaponized today. Concerning the creation of the State of Israel, many persons have insisted that Stalin was the one who allowed the transfer of weaponry from Czechoslovakia to Israel during the 1947-1948 Civil war with the aim to creating a Communist anchor in the Middle East. Meanwhile,not so fast. What better way to protect Israel in the region, if the true ally stays in the shadow? Israel has a unique status in this world. Nevertheless, the pursuit of an expansionist zionist agenda only drifts the Jewish people away from their religion. If on the one hand, Israel does have an undisputable right to exist, on the other hand the Shoah should have never become the new western religion. The Shoah is a fact in history. It is not an ideology and shall therefore never be weaponized as an excuse to implement a nazi new order in the Middle East the benefice of which exclusively go to private interests in the building sector bubble, the energy sector and the military-industrial complex. Most of the Shoah survivors live in misery in Israel. This reality speak for itself. Year after year, the Israeli purchasing power decreases whereas twelve local business families and Tel Aviv’s military spending orgy realize extraordinary profits for their 1% elite.The hidden attempt of weakening Russia-Europe partnerships on Energy by the means of creating a regional balkanization of Syria [and Irak] while, at the same time, injecting an ever-growing immigration into an ever-growing EU is the most tragic plan ever-concocted against peace and global stability.

Long-term History has no immediate ethics or morals. Latinized Ideologies belong to the Machiavellian domain which admits a consequentialist logics; a deliberate cynical/tragic path for humankind whose justification is to be found in the final stage of achievement that is believed to be the Idea of Universal Good. Therefore, the number of sacrified people is hardly ever a relevant parameter.

In other words, he who is cleverer to understand the ideological rationale behind short-term politics and diplomacy can hardly ever be fooled. Short-term history admits different laws, logics and principles which are of some importance but to a broader extent, they are irrelevant. Of course, it is not easy to build the relations between short-term history and the sphere of Ideas. As I have elaborated earlier, two historical events may appear disconnected or hardly related to each other but rational reasoning proves otherwise.

Strictly speaking, the link between the sphere of ideas and short-term politics is located somewhere in the middle. In this context, the concept of middle-term politics is the human brain’s ability to build the correct connections between short-term and long-term. Applied to Geopolitics, it is therefore the privileged domain of special services/Intelligence, secret societies, and conspiracy theories. With a few others, these institutions work “in between times”, as they do neither belong to the short-term nor long-term historical segments of time/space. They are floating in between Ideas and human ontology.


In re-utilizing old Ideologies (Humanism and science-based modernity), quite a few western “thinkers” who had theorized and praised globalization so long as Latinized 1% investor-led vision was leading it and its private interests were served, have lately been flooding the western media and conferences with warnings that “Globalization may have gone too far” and that it could be counterproductive in the end.

While global players were gathered in Davos to discuss global development and challenges and their relations to current geopolitical changes, people have heard mixed messages trying to put the blame on DonJ.Trump’s confusing policy amid “Globalization”. Actually, it was crystal clear for the ones who could connect the dots.


It shall come as no surprise to the French audience to learn that Zionist neo-philosopher Bernard Henri Lévy (BHL) had already built a whole ideological scheme on the subject which begins with Aeneas [the mythical hero of Troy and Rome; son of the goddess Aphrodite and Anchises] and ends in modern Trump’s America, and from which he concludes that “tectonic movements are currently taking place in the history of the Spirit”, as understood by the theoreticians of globalization. For the readership that is unfamiliar with BHL, let’s remind that this person has played a proactive key role in the coup against Colonel Gadaffi (2011) in instructing the Libyan Islamist opposition. Gadaffi was at the head of a pro-nationalist coalition of African countries and he had also planned to launch an alternative challenging currency to both the US dollar and the CFA Franc (Pacific and Central Africa French Franc). Bernard Henry Lévy, who has been one of the French presidents’ forced-advisors for decades along with Rothschild’s protégé Jacques Attali (President Mitterrand, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande, current Emmanuel Macron) has also appeared as main theoretician of the attack on Bashar al Assad, having come to make unsubstantiated public allegations as soon as the early stages of the so-called Syrian ‘color revolution’. As a matter of fact, many media reports immediately emerged confirming that “In Daraa, roof top snipers were targeting both police and demonstrators and that the deaths of policemen were higher than those of “demonstrators”. Later news reports of the events in Daraa confirmed that from the very outset, this was not a “peaceful protest” as claimed by the Western media, but the Syrian police force had initially been outnumbered by a well-organized armed gang of professional killers; a part of which were rooftop snipers [a typical CIA-MOSSAD-led modus operandi in “civilian revolutions for democracy and freedom”]. More solid evidence about the broad picture is courageously published by decent western journalists on a daily basis.

Bernard Henry Lévy’s footprints were also found at Euromaidan, just after CIA-led coup in Ukraine, where he gave an absolutely biaised lecture of History. He was also found in Sarajevo during the US-NATO-orchestrated balkanization of Euro Balkans. In short, he is the extravagant WASP-Jewish Zionist-driven figure who does not hesitate to distort the Talmud, its spirit and long-term history to now explain why a shift towards the Russians is necessary. Behind the deceitful narrative, the Russians hopefully know better. A similar strategy is currently actively attempted vis-à-vis India with the secret hope that the country would swing towards the West according to the supremacist ideology predicting “a clash of civilizations” developed by Samuel Huntington in the mid 1990s. The idea of India and Russia being presented as ‘swing civilizations’ which could eventually either swing towards China [and its ‘revisionist allies’, namely Iran  and North Korea or towards the modern Cerberus [WASP-Jewish Zionist-Saudi Arabia-led absolutist monarchism] was a trap whose purpose was to disrupt the emergence of a Multi lateral world that the Cerberus would not lead.

Last October, BHL voiced the Kurdish people’s rights to democracy and to an independent state during a conference held in Amsterdam. While claiming his fierce disapproval of President Trump, he went on stating that “it’s not just about Kirkuk, but about America removing itself from the role of main outpost of Modernity”. We have already reviewed what was worth the concept of Modernity in Latinized zionist ideologues’ vision.

Earlier during the same year, other prominent liberal Zionist ideologues had echoed this brand “old-new” narrative via books (ie: French liberal Alain Minc). However, it’s President Trump’s current U.S.  Secretary of State and former Exxon-mobil’s CEO, Rex Tillerson who finally let the cat out of the box last week in raising “concerns” that Freedom, global security and Peace could be endangered; should the leadership of globalization fall into wrong hands, namely “revisionist great powers and their allies”

So here comes again the absurd Ideological rhetoric of Ghost Empires/”Axis of Evil” (Russia’s “Communist” Empire threatening Europe- The athoritative Ottoman Empire. The Iranian Empire (that has never attacked anybody over the past couple of centuries) and China (also known as the Middle Kingdom). What about US-NATO-backed Gulf regimes’ protégés? The History of Ideas may suggest a question : When do you hide best ? When accusing others of whom you are. The cold truth is that the true Empire of lies is on the verge of collapse.

China has clearly taken the lead of Globalization via The Belt and Road Initiative (OBOR or BRI); a systematic project made of Roads, railways and maritime routes which can help promote the economic prosperity of many nations while it shall strengthen exchanges and mutual learning between different civilizations. China’s goal and responsibility aim at promoting world peace and development. This bold and humanitarian initiative offers the perspective of a new era marked by the aims of peace, development, cooperation, mutual benefit and the respect of environmental challenges.

By stark contrast, what does America have to offer to the many nations of the world except an ultimate supremacist fascism which includes a US dollar life extension via more horrendous wars, via more financial and economic manipulations and bullying methods on international organizations, via US-NATO-GCC terrorism and deceitful promises? To disrupt the Belt and Road initiative has become America’s sole obsession and some NATO’s “traditional” forced-allies shall abide to the private interests they serve.

US Bases worldwide

 According to the Stock Board Asset, “America’s empire is built of 800 bases that can be found in more than 70 countries and territories abroad”. The US Senate approved a 700 billion dollars military bill this year, and counting. The amount eclipses 549 billion dollars military spending cap established by 2011 Budget Control Act. It shows that fund flows are increasing, as the new bellicose ideology of “revisionist Empires” is being abundantly spread within the so called “free world”. Further still, Washington provides military assistance to 36 dictatorship regimes out of 49 “officially registered” ones. In other words, more than 73% of the world’s dictators are currently being sponsored through the military assistance provided by US-NATO taxpayers.

Set aside of Hybrid wars, info wars, Private mercenary Armies, US-CIA-NATO trained terrorist cells spread across Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East and South Asia to break, humiliate nations, escalate political tensions between leaders and tensions along ethnic/religious lines, usurp lands and natural wealth, also set aside of private specialized companies dedicated to orchestrating sabotages on infrastructures along the BRI (ie Singapore-based famous one), stricter ecologic norms are now expected from China, as the country continues to build infrastructures and partnerships which shall benefit an astonishing number of countries that have never participated in an industrial revolution. French president Macron was instrumental in clearly raising this despicable weaponization of Ecology during his speech at Davos.

We live in a world of Transition: a transition from the unipolar moment to something else. All decent analysts are acknowledging that the unipolar moment, the era in which the ideology of Modernity only has to deal with objects and obstacles has ended. Some kind of alternative subjectivity has emerged, and it either must be returned to existence before the paradigm, or it shall do a giant humanitarian step for the sake of mankind ; not for a class of 1% happy few. Easy promises chanted by Zionist “humanistic” ideologues and the cliques of industrialists and Latinized bankers they serve won’t do the trick this time. However, Trump’s declaration about Jerusalem as being the capital of WASP-Jewish Zionism allied to Saudi Arabia-led Islamic absolutist monarchism is a “genius move” which moves the situation even more towards a multipolar emergence. Now, each fallen empire [and related civilisation] will have its own project instead of a universal one. This is a possiblility. The other possiblity is that all nations unit against an Empire of lies [1% of US-led Latinized elite] whose petrodollar is already crippled and artificially overrated via full-out wars and FED tricks. After all, no nation in the world is against modernity but rather against a westernization that has benefited 1% of co-opted elites, alone, including within its own Latinized Western world. Furthermore, modernity is not antithetical to tradition. Most people want to keep their traditions. Tradition is not traditionalism, which is a fierce insurrection against the otherness. Idealistic vision?

Where Trump has been a true game changer

Trump has ripped up the nuclear deal with Iran (see JCPOA), which was necessary to support reformist tendencies in the country and to lower or else, tame, Iran’s influence in the Middle East. Latinized Zionist Bankers’ plan was to improve relationtionships with Iran’s reformist elites through Iraqi Shiites and finally remove them out of the equation through an Iranian “Perestroika”, in the exact same fashion as they used Mikhaïl Gorbatchev and Boris Eltsine during the 1980s while plunging the Soviet Union into a war of  attrition in Afghanistan (1979/1988). Trump’s exceptional achievement has been to sabotage the Bankers’ ‘swamp’ projects. In his own way, he has tried to dilute the Neocons into a sort of “Trumpism” vs Obama-Clinton deceitful “globalist-era”. There was never such thing as a “Clinton-Obama’s humanitarian vision of the world” that would not have exclusively worked for Latininized private bankers. This is admittedly the same with Trump’s voiced “America First but not alone”. However, his recognition of Jerusalem last december and him creating more and more preconditions to globalization only strenghtens the irreversible transition from a unipolar hegemonic Empire of deception to a Multi-polar vision with concrete efforts to move forward faster and effective reforms within international institutions and multi lateral organizations.

Furthermore, Lévy’s pretended idea that Europe could supplant the United states is only, but laughable. US-NATO vassal Europe is dependent on the U.S. in all strategic sectors (the military, internet…) although private investors (ie.RIT Capital partners) have already sold large stocks of US dollars and have capitalized in Euro, Sterling and Gold and in the European energy sector with the fading hope that their Middle East market would be achieved and could eventually jeopardize European-Russian partnerships. The other option was to trap Russia in their financial tricks again, as they had also envisioned to do with Iran.

In addition to rampant EU internal divisions with regards to disharmonized fiscal, legal and social regulations, Germany’s economy depends on extra Euro-zone low labor countries which are, at the same time, opposed to welcome Muslim refugees on their national soils respectively. The Visegrad group (a cultural, political and energy-sector alliance of four Central European nations – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) alongside Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria etc. have a strong hold on Brussels, as these countries could easily shift towards more of China’s Foreign direct investments and BRI’s projects (see 16+1 format). As a result, their nationalistic/populist increasingly popular vision among European societies has the capacity of initiating a European breakup ; such eventuality which would obviously weaken obsolete NATO and its recurring “Red scare toasted narrative”. Long story short, Europe is a NO threat to the U.S. unless the European Union explodes or reunites with Russia into a bold new economic reconfiguration. Under such a frame which could potentially stretch from Lisbon to Vladivostock, this pivotal Heartland would indeed, become invincible. Although this latter scenario would represent the smartest and wisest game-changer in Europe’s own interests, there is little hope that the US-UK would not sabotage the option [please remind of Mackinder’s theory] via NATO’s recurring provocative military manoeuvers; each time nearer to Russia’s borders. Coupled with US-UK-Goldman Sachs-driven EU sanctions vis-à-vis Russia [opportunistically resulting from CIA-MOSSAD-orchestrated situation in Ukraine (2014)], there is no way that Russia would fall into Macron’s ideologues’ traps. On the economic front, renewed sanctions on Russia have proven highly detrimental to the European Union. Angela Merkel’s difficulties to form a new governement are directly linked to her having being US-incitated to open Germany’s borders in September 2015 as well as her growing instence that European-Russia investments in the energy sector should be protected in Europe’s own interests and that economic sanctions should be lifted on Russia. Combined with various other factors the most notable of which include Germany’s repatriation of more than 2/3 of its gold treasury from U.S coffers and Germany’s growing hostility amid more US nuclear heads on its sovereign soil, Germany is clearly shifting towards Russia whereas Macron and Theresa May are WASP-Jewish Zionist Bankers-led pawns which shall use a vast range of ruses to make sure that this rapprochement never happen.

What’s to expect in 2018 ?

More probably than not, 2018 shall be the year of ideological war. Now that you know who, how and where ideologies are formed, it is up to you to ask yourself why you are told what you are told. The History of ideas keeps the truth alive. Keep looking back in time ; This is when your present act truly becomes revolutionary.

©Mylene Doublet O’Kane, 28 Jan 2018

MD O’Kane is an Israeli French teacher, a postgraduate in Philosophy, in History of ideas and an independent analyst in geopolitics.
Thinkerscorneronline @2016-2017

Republishing of this article is welcomed with reference to TCO. The views of the author do not necessarily coincide with the opinion of the editorial board.



5 thoughts on “ROOTS OF CHAOSISTAN

  1. Whatever the label assigned to them there are groups who mostly through financial and other methods dominate the current collapsing unipolar system. The ideology they use is subjugated to what they feel is most beneficial for them and what they can sell most easily to the masses. Ultimately it is still a fight for money and power between the current dominant group and the outsider-challenging group (similar to mafia family wars except on a much larger scale). I am sure the current dominant group would not hesitate to discard their current ideology and adapt any other philosophy that in their opinion would be helpful in prolonging their grip on power.


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