When a 'Post-truth' era is only but a failed myth


The unbearable rationality

|TCO’s editorial note : This interview was recorded on Tuesday April 3, 2018.

|Mylene Doublet O’Kane is a postgraduate in Philosophy, in History of ideas. She is a teacher and an independent analyst in Geopolitics. She has dual citizenship (Israeli-French).

Conversation with European students in International Relations and Politics.

Student’s question: If you had to pick one, what would be your advice for our generation?

At a moment when many western political leaders have expelled Russian diplomats from their respective capitals upon a sum of unsubstanciated charges, it is of utter importance that the youth not only in Europe but also in the United States and more generally in the so-called free world remind of what has shaped the prestige and wisdom of the old continent. It is contained in a single ancient Greek word; Logos λόγος ;.literally ‘What I can rationally justify’. This is my advice to your generation. Latinized Europe has lost this wisdom whereas in more than one way, Russia, as the last reminiscence of its Hellenistic inheritance, has kept this imperative and typical human attribute alive. Rationality is to Russia what myths and hysteria are to the Anglozionist-led western world. All destructive ideologies were born, financed and disseminated by this divisive exceptionalist Hegemon. Therefore, this is the logics which presides upon the propagation of ideologies, often opposed on purpose (ie Nazism and communism), that one must analyze through critical thinking to understand long-term history. Cui bono is a good start to find answers. Why was it interesting to oppose Germany to Russia? Why was it rewarding to orchestrate the genocide of the craddle of the Abrahamic societies ? Why was it interesting to then turn the Shoah into the religion of the 20th century? From colonialism to neocolonialism, from capitalism to communism and to nazism,  the sublime interest of developing opposing ideologies has always followed one principle : “divide and rule” with the additional perversity that the idea of human emancipation was promoted all along. In its own way, the Skripal case is illustrative of such Anglozionist exceptionalism. Nothing is rational in Britain and its allies’ reckless behaviour. We are swimming in a Kafkaesque universe. Russia was not given access to the material evidence, including samples of the toxic nerve agent which was allegedly used to poison a harmless former Russian agent and his daughter. Whereas the British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would quite immediately claim an undisputable “science-based” evidence that the military-grade foliant proved Moscow’s involvement, the conclusions that emerged from Gary Aitkenheard, the Chief executive of the Defence Science and technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down stated that they had been unable to identify the precise source of the substance and that it was none of his team’s prerogatives or capabilities.  The psy-ops should have stopped there. The fact that 17 European nations, NATO and the U.S. would decide to expel Russians diplomats after citing an ever bigger ground of lies trying to hide the US Neocons/Anglozionist-led coup in Kiev in 2014 which actually points to a US-NATO-CIA-Mossad direct involvement, the loss of the Black sea control through Crimea – where 96% of the citizens expressed their wish to be reunited with Russia the same year- or the necessity for the US privately owned military industrial complex to continue to push the torn narrative of a Russian threat at NATO’s gate to sale its obsolete sets of Defense systems to subservient client states have only added an international disgrace to an international discredit.

Question : In your articles “Discussing the rationale behind a unipolar vs a multipolar world” and “Roots of chaosistan”, you have clearly isolated the Anglozionist hegemon as the ultimate form of Nazism. Would you elaborate on that ?

Mylene Doublet O’Kane : Anglozionism finds its core roots in the Latinized Roman Empire and in its Zionist ambition (the recapture of biblical Jerusalem). In turn, this exceptionalist vision would combine the capture of the wealth of the many Sovereign nations of the world while breaking them into submission (Colonialism and current neo-colonialism) with private interests and capital a large portion of which were detained by Zionists whose aim was the recapture of biblical Israel “from the Nile to the Euphrates”. In the first article that you have mentioned, it was necessary to explain how British Mackinder’s theory and American-Polish Brzezinski’s strategy were logically fitting into this hegemonic ideology. All throughout the Middle Ages, the Roman Popes – the timeless power to which western Kings (temporal power) were submitted- had tried to set a limit in Eastern Europe after unsuccessful attempts to defeat Great Eastern powers. We can easily mention the Teutonic knights’ defeats against Russia. Actually, the sack of Constantinople in 1204 was a turning point in European history when the Latinized Roman Pope ordered the slaughter of his Eastern Christian brothers instead of helping the Eastern Roman Emperor who had submitted the timeless power. This internal ideological schism and geographical partition within Europe would eventually determine much of the hostility of Western Europe towards its Eastern counterpart. A religious-based ideological iron curtain was erected and the Western world would engage in colonization and Latinized Christianization whereas in more than one way, Russia kept her Greek inheritance which survived through Byzantium [the Eastern Roman Empire]. While the Anglozionist hegemon would aim to global domination and quantitative accumulation (the capture of the wealth of the many nations) based upon Exceptionalism (either an extremely poor understanding of the sacred Jewish codex or a political distortion), Russia would keep, almost untouched, the true values of Judaism; this extraordinary search for the freedom of the soul through the quality of her relationship to the otherness. “Tikkun olam”; this jewish divine command or the task to repare the world with a view to reunite mankind with the original harmony of the universe are common to Chinese, Jewish, Indian, Russian and persian cultures and philosophies. Quite ironically, Latinized western Europe has spent the past couple of centuries, to the very least, disseminating divisive ideologies while contracting geopolitical alliances with extra-civilizational regional powers for the creation of a global Nazi order. By the turn of the 19th century, the Anglozionist hegemon had submitted Latinized kings, Emperors and the Roman pope. It was a global maritime power whereas Eurasian great powers were mainly land powers. How to submit land powers located behind the ideological iron curtain raised in Latinized Europe? Geo politics admits an array of weapons the first of which is the direct military confrontation. It was used on Russia in 1812 through the financing of the Napoleonic wars. It is no suprise that Napoleon Bonaparte’s mémoires are today a source of lively debates among the scientific community. In 1853, the same weapon was used against Russia with the aim to block Russia’s access to hot waters (the Mediterranean and the Black seas). This was the first Crimean war which mobilized France, the U.K, Italy and the Ottoman Empire, as latinized bankers were gradually using, at the same time, the financial weapon (debts) on the latter to submit it. Concerning the other great eastern Empire, namely China, the economic (trade) weapon combined with the military weapon (British, French opium wars) would eventually contain this maritime/land Eastern power while the British rule would also finalize the submission of the former Persian, Greek and later Muslim southwestern Asian region and sub-Indian continent from Afghanistan to present Bangladesh. In his article “the geopolitical pivot of history” (1904), the British geographer Mackinder would synthetize the Middle Ages’ religious-based ideological iron curtain with the necessity for the Anglozionist Hegemon (France, the U.K, the U.S) to prevent resisting and hated Russia from an access to hot waters. The control of the Indian Ocean and a large swath of the Pacific Ocean were secured with however the exception of the Russian and Japanese empires. Another contribution of Mackinder was his concern that considering the new technical progress (Trans-Siberian railway), Russia as the biggest Eurasian land power could overthrow the maritime latinized hegemon ; should this land power not be blocked from an access to the the Baltic sea, the Black sea, the Caspian sea and to hot waters. Quite logically, Mackinder’s other major contribution to geopolitics was to define Eastern Europe as a buffer pivotal zone the critical importance of which was formulated by his genitor as follows : “He who controls Eastern Europe controls Eurasia. He who controls Eurasia controls the world”. In other words, it was imperative to prevent at all costs a rapprochement between Germany and Russia in controlling this buffer zone. The core ideological reason for financing an opposing ideology to Capitalism and its dissemination from Germany to Russia in the late 19th century is to be found here. In 1905, the Anglozionist hegemon would finance Japan in order to attack Russia. At the same time, Lenin and Trosky (Lev Bronstein) -both in london in 1903- were financed to orchestrate a “failed” color revolution in Russia.

Question : However, how to dismantle European empires or the European buffer zone, as you call it?

Mylene Doublet O’Kane : Excellent question. From 1910 to 1913, the Anglozionist hegemon would privatize the American banking system. The privatization of the British banking system had already been  quietly completed in 1689, when Mary and William’s act would consent to limit their Sovereign powers. it was however sold to the British citizens as a democratic progress academically known as “The British rights’ acts”. In reality, it was nothing more than the final submission of the State to the Anglozionist hegemon or the “swamp”, as U.S. President Trump has formulated the collusion of private interests resulting from the combination of dual state-owned privileges in crucial sectors quietly privatized (financial and military sectors) with its takeover on the three branches of powers (executive, legislative, Judicial). Upon an orchestrated psy-ops (the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria; heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian Empire), four majors accomplishments were achieved. Firstly, the balkanisation of the Middle East finally replaced under Anglozionist ‘supervision’. Secondly, the balkanisation of the Austria Hungary Empire and Ottoman Empire, thus the creation of a weak Central Eastern buffer zone corresponding to the previous religious-based ideological iron curtain. Thirdly, the final financial submission of western European empires (as independent state powers) with unmanageable debts. Lastly, the successful led from behind “color revolution in Russia” that would definitely separate Russia from Germany ; should an internationalist movement (Lev Bronstein-Trosky) be opposed, on purpose, to a nationalist ideology; National Socialism both financed by the same Anglozionist Hegemon. One should not forget that, at the same time, it has secured its technical advance through an alliance with the Al Saud family of Saudi Arabia (hydrocarbon era). In more than one way, Stalin was not long before he realized what was going on. It was quite simple. Zionism (not Judaism) was everywhere behind this ‘spontaneous’ revolution that had bargained on Lenin and Trotsky. Meanwhile, Stalin was too smart and crushed this conspiracy against Russia. During the 1930s, many psy-ops’ attempts to destabilize Russia were orchestrated notably in Ukraine where Zionists played the nationalistic card ; a weapon that Polish-U.S. strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski ; Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission (1973) with David Rockfeller and later special Advisor to Reagan and Obama,  would systematize in the early 1970s  through his “Grand Chessboard” strategy as a means to partition not only the Euro-Balkans (1991 US-NATO/Israel/GCC-orchestrated Yugoslavia’s balkanisation/ the European buffer zone) but also the Eurasian Balkans (Sunni Republics around Russia’s southern borders and China’s borders /Xinjiang’s autonomous Muslim province) formed after the successful Anglozionist-concocted Afghan trap (1979). With the help of Saudi Arabia-led and funded Sunni terrorism sent from the entire MENA (North Africa and the Middle East), the Soviet Union responding to the democratically elected secular Afghan government’s emergency call would actually engage in a war of attrition from which it would never recover. In 1998, Brzezinski would personally boast about his best creation ‘the terrorist Mujahideen’ during an interview to the very mainstream French magazine (le Nouvel Obs) that has since been partially censored within the western world. Here is, however, the direct link to the full interview and more, as safeguarded by the U.S. Congress’ Library.

In 1930, the Bank for International settlments was created (BIS). What has led to the Second World War was deliberate and entirely under the Anglozionist control. In 1941, the Anglozionist hegemon – through the British brave Army- took over the Iranian oil fields. In 1953, a US/UK-led CIA Operation Ajax would overthrow the secular Iranian government of Muhammad Mossadegh that wanted to nationalize the Iranian energy resources which would have kicked the Anglozionist interests in Iran. He was replaced by a US-led Nazi Regime (The Iranian Shah until the Iranian revolution of 1979). All throughout the second World war, the British government and ordinary citizens did resist with honor and pride against Nazism (which directly derivated from the Anglozionist exceptionalism and the ordering on mankind) with little to no knowledge of what was going on in the back-scenes. Stalin knew. The Anglozionist Hegemon would finance Adolf Hitler from the 1920s and would secure Nazi assets as late as 1943, when the Stalingrad’s decisive Russian victory signaled to the Anglozionist Hegemon that its own creation , “the Soviet Union”, would not be crushed. Past this point, the Anglozionist battle had to shift to the ideological narrative where the U.S. Army and latinized troops had liberated “Europe” and “Freedom”. The sacrifice of 6 million Jews and the lesson to learn is quite simplistic. Traumatized civilian populations are gullible minds. The Jewish (not Zionist) sacrifice precisely served the ultimate Nazi Hegemon with a part of biblical Israel being returned to the Jewish People but more significantly, the Shoah became the new western religion with Zionist people controlling all spheres of ideological  influence upon which the stealing of the many Sovereign nations of the world could become more subtle. In the name of “Human rights”- Brzezinski’s future terminology of micro-nationalities (partition of Sovereign nations along cultural, ethnic and/or  religious lines) -a quiet neo-colonialism could be continued and the demonization of “Communist”,”Socialist”, “fascist”, “Nazi” Empires could justify the implementation of what is in reality, an Anglozionist private Army (NATO).

Question : …a fact which would explain the perpetuation of a “Red scare” although the Soviet Union is defeated and despite the fact that Russia is not even a Communist State anymore…

Mylene Doublet O’Kane : The Anglozionist Hegemon has lived on one of the longest lie in human History. Two hundred years to the very least and after 1945, it became impossible to voice the extent of the imposture.

Question : In the Western world, one would call this interview a conspiracy theory.

Mylene Doublet O’Kane : Indeed. Whenever evidence do not match the narrative, one also calls it “an extrapolation out of context” etc. Meanwhile, the only conspirationnists are those who play on fears to tell irrational romanticized stories. I have always preferred facts and rational logics. All ideologies are dead because they have all been created by the same  Latinized hegemon. There was never democracy and Freedom. Likewise, the “Global war on terrorism” finds its origins and interests in Zbigniew Brzezinski‘s theory. This instrumentalization of Islam with US-NATO-GCC-Israel-backed Islamic terror cells  is another despicable way of pushing a Nazi political and territorial agenda. Hopefully, the balkanization of the Middle East won’t happen. In arming all countries with S400 (anti Missile defense system) according a zero sum policy, Russia’s military diplomacy has canceled the possibility for the hegemon to carry on as a unipolar Nazi force.  Turkey, Iraq, Iran and also Saudi Arabia…possibly Pakistan and Vietnam…

As for China, it has become the 1st energy importing nation in a context where Beijing has launched the Gold-backed petroYuan (oil futures), in a context where it detains a great part of the US debt and in a context where the US has lost its technologic superiority. Your generation must know ; Its century shall be multipolar and humanistic or it shall not be.

(Partial interview -To be continued)

©Mylene Doublet O’Kane, April 3, 2018.

MD O’Kane is an Israeli French teacher, a postgraduate in Philosophy, in History of ideas and an independent analyst in geopolitics

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