|By Mylene Doublet O’Kane, UTC+1

|Original source : French

“What made the war inevitable was the growth of Athenian power (challenging power) and the fear which this caused in Sparta. (leading power)”-Thucydides (465-400 BCE), in “The Peloponnesian War”

Put in a contemporary context, the quote reminds that the Armageddon scenario (WW3) is  the translation of the U.S. “fear” [acknowledgment] that an inevitable change in the hierarchy or control of the international political system is now well under way.

The world is currently in the midst of an epochal transition from unipolarity to multipolarity that is expected to characterize the foreseeable decades of the 21st century. There are multiple dimensions to this paradigm-shifting process against which the Anglozionist-led order (leading power) is trying to resist in triggering the full capacity of its globally controlled weapons,  whether financial (IMF, FED, World Bank…), and/or military (Intelligence community/Military private army also known as U.S.-NATO/Saudi Arabia-led GCC providing CIA-trained Sunni terror cells, funds, battalions of local rebels, private mercenary armies etc.) or ideological through its worldwide network of “client states” and echo chambers (NGOs, mainstream media organizations, the western educational system etc). Altogether, the 21st-century geopolitics shall be marked by externally provoked Hybrid Wars against a Multipolar vision of the world which is best embodied by the BRICS countries and China whose New Silk Road corridors (OBOR)- are the number 1 target.  Small to medium-sized states in Afro-Eurasia (and to a lesser extent, parts of Latin America) which are caught between the two blocs shall serve as the battlegrounds of the future, with a few becoming scenes of perillous Syrian-like Great Power brinksmanship. Coldly put, so goes human history with the entire world order undergoing a fundamental revision as multipolar-aligned Great Powers cooperate in reforming the global economic, financial, and political systems. Do I say it is going to be easy? I don’t. Do I say it’s going to be quiet and peaceful. I don’t. You cannot wipe out a Nazi global empire peacefully because what characterizes a tyrannical order is voluntary political blindness. Why is it a Nazi hegemon shall be explained shortly. Hence, there is going to be more sweat, tears, rage and blood. The people of the many nations of the world have however already united for one purpose. They want home to remain home. They want their wealth to remain theirs. They want to go back to the inner meaning of the westphalian order (1648) which inspired the more elaborated Kantian notion of “the perpetual peace between sovereign nations”. They are not opposed to regional federalism but rather to the disparition of two fundamental notions: national sovereignty and national identity. They don’t want to become a human mass deprived of respective former riches. They oppose the idea of being ruled by a “planetary Republic” which is an empty concept concocted for gullible minds. If it means being populist, then they are populist indeed, for each sovereign nation has a memory. They do remember that the sovereign powerthe dominium eminens -resides in the collective body . The collective body is the exclusive owner of its nation’s wealth. The project of murdering both concepts of national sovereignty and national identity was the most perverse attempt aimed to capture the wealth of each nation. Do I predict victory? I do. Several factors suggest that the shifting process has now become irreversible.

Put it different, “Rome is burning”. The latinized-led world for 1% elite [“Pax Romana”] and its Messianic modern version [the American exceptionalism and the grandiose name it once gave to its hegemon ; “Pax Americana”] is now well advanced  into its down spiral. This article analyzes a series of symptoms which underpin that the point of no return is already passed. Some markers are internal to the Eurocentric scope. Some are external. The tremendous effort of President Donald J. Trump is this attempt to build bridges between populist leaders of the world -be it President Putin, Xi or Netanyahu and Erdogan. At the same time, his window of action is very narrow as powerful Anglozionist lobbys on a private banking system have a supreme weapon –  a private army ( privately-owned US Military industrial complex and the NATO racket to each participating Nation) which may push him towards even deeper detrimental directions. Donald J. Trump is, after JFK, the only President courageous and desinterested enough to put the American ordinary citizen first, but also each citizen of each sovereign European nation first. Likewise JF Kennedy, his goal is to return to the American citizen the strong hold on a banking system which was conveniently and quietly privatized months before a first World war planned to wipe out two empires (The Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires) while submitting two others (the French and British Empires) to a privatized system of ever-growing debts on ordinary civilians, to the sole benefit of happy few post-patriotic elites.  What saved the speculation-oriented Capitalistic system of the 1930s (the same year that the Switzerland-based Bank of International Settlements) was created is not the Keynesian New Deal – It was the second world war and the Marshall plan to Europe. The spirit of this article is to explain why Donald Trump’s goal is to implement a New Marshall plan for the Middle East mostly financed by Saudi Arabia, as a means to avoid a third world war that NATO could not win due to Russia’s and China’s hypersonic ICBM technological advance. The creation of a space force (6th branch of the Military) might be an option aimed to divert private interests’ greed from the geophysical earth theater to the militarization of the outer space. I unfortunately cannot say more on this subject at this date. Before going further into the analysis, I would wish to state clear that zionism should be understood as the original Roman Empire’s zionism – not, as the 19th century notion of Jewish Zionism. This remark does not mean that Jewish globalists are not involved into the post-sovereign nation’s project of creationg a biblical Nefilim-race of post patriotic elites  ruling over an empoverished and expandable human/post-Human ID race in the name of deceptive “security reasons, democracy, freedom and progress”.



A preliminary observation must be reminded as its consequences are to some extent still at play today within Jewish-inherited Christianity. A final schism between the Latinized world (Rome) and the Greek-inherited world (Byzantium) occurred in 1054, when the Latinized Great Popes reformers insisted on timeless power’s supremacy (G-d) over the temporal power (Kings and Emperors), whereas the Eastern Popes would submit to the temporal power. This schism would in turn determine much of the hostility of Western Christianity towards Eastern Christianity- (Today, Poland and her historical Baltic commonwealth, the US DNC-led globalist Anglo-US/French nexus, the Vatican). In more than one way, Russia embodies the Greek inheritance, whereas the Anglozionist-led U.S.-NATO hegemon continues to survive as the modern figure of Rome. But Rome is Rome no more. It  is reeling and rocking upon its foundations.  A fundamental mistake was made after the break-up of the Soviet Union, when the United States became an hyperpower (1991-2008). For the second time in history, Rome could have strenched a helping hand to Byzantium. For the second time, it did not. In 1204, Rome orchestrated the sack of Constantinople (Byzantium) and perpetrated a veritable slaughter on its own Christian brothers. In 1991, the massacre would repeat. Anglozionist-led western investors greedily rushed on Russia’s wealth, privatizing all state sectors, showing no mercy whatsoever for the Russian people while their private army (NATO) would soon foment nationalist, ethnic or else religious tensions in several strong Republics such as Yugoslavia in order to increase the Anglozionist nazi vital space . In 1991, people living under the poverty line were 4% in Russia. A year later, they were 74%. This was the cost to which the European Union was constructed and NATO expanded to become the first terrorist organization in the world. In 1991, a promise was made to Russia in exchange of the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. US/NATO agreed to stop its expansion towards Russia’s borders. The agreement was not respected. In turn, the creation of a US-EU-NATO Bondsteel camp which could easily be compared to a nazi camp with CIA atrocious activities including the training and support from Kosovo to Muslim Bosnian, Macedonian and Albanian entities in order to create a permanent instability in the Euro-Balkans should be denounced at all times. Meanwhile, this betrayal has proven one point : The perpetuation of the persecution against Russia reveals that Anglozionist-led globalists’ ambition was never a fight against Communism but rather a systematic political agenda aimed to create U.S.-led from behind micro-states, as opposed to sovereign and independent strong nations while capturing their wealth. The final outcome of the US/EU policy of destruction of former Yugoslavia in November 1995 (the Dayton Agreement) followed by even worse Boris Eltsyn’s political capitulation in the case of Washington’s Kosovo policy that became ultimately implemented in June 1999 (the Kumanovo Agreement) evidenced what the Pax Americana was about; the destruction of the Slavik spirit. This globalist class of private interests trend in Russia’s foreign policy in the 1990s finds its roots in the 19th century geopolitical and cultural orientation of the Russian aristocracy (so-called Russian “Westernizers”) who became the opponents to the Russian “Slavophiles”. This is another way to present the internal conflict between Rome and the third Rome within the European civilization. Once, the ultimate model of excellence in literature, the Russian author Leon Tolstoy wrote : ” The best stories do not talk about Good against Evil. They talk about Good vs Good”. In 1991, America had all the means to finally “make the world great again”. Actually, from 1945 forward, it could have decided to repare the world – the hebrew translation of “tikkun olam”. It could have shaped a multilateral world and international institutions such as every sovereign nation is respected ; not bullied or blackmailed or else summoned to submit to the globalist hegemon. Even before this date, the Anglozionist order could have ended the artificial war against Nazism and Communism ; two ideologies that they had developed, financed and disseminated with the purpose of dragging the European empires into wars from which they could only survive by contracting unmanageable debts while losing both territory and critical sovereignties. The creation of a private banking system (FED) in 1913, just before WW1, is not coincidental. I shall not hereby comment on the Anglozionist-led coup againt Russia in 1917 (why the communist ideology was exported to Russia during the last decades of the 19th century after the failed attempts to capture Russia’s wealth financed from the Napoleonic wars, first Crimean war, Japonese-Russian conflict, 1905 aborted revolution ) nor shall I comment on the systematic destruction of nationalism and secular experiences within the Muslim world all throughout the second half of the 20th century. This would take an entire article to explain the roots of global chaosistan. Let’s only state here that nazism was never defeated. it was not shaped to be defeated. It was meant to be the most effective divisive tool that the modern Cerberus [Anglo-WASP-Catholic-Jewish-zionism/ Islamic absolute monarchism] has used according to its belief in a manifest destiny or exceptionalism ; the paramount of the Nazi concept. At the dawn of the third millennium Rome is ugly, but Rome is losing ground. The play is now shitfting towards its tragic end. Aristotle’s poetic rules won’t survive. “A tragedy must fabricate incidents arousing pity and fear. Behind myths is always evil to be found. Rome’s totalizing vision existed long before A.Hitler was born. Throughout the past centuries, Rome used strenght and roman zionism to break sovereign nations into submission. After 1945, it used the exact opposite. It began to use “human rights”, but the purpose remained unchanged. At first glance, the paradox may appear puzzling. Meanwhile, if one would ambition to use his critical thinking beyond myths, he would coldy analyze what has truly happened over the past seventy years. In the name of “human rights” (bring Democracy and Freedom to the world), the Anglo-French zionist hegemon has methodically fragmented sovereign nations into micro-states along ethnic, religious lines within the extra latinized european civilization, while at the same time, it has focused on the fragmentation of the collective body within each European society along “identity lines” whether ethnic, religious, of gender, of sexual orientation etc.). This “urbi et orbi” activity combined with a monopoly on the international private banking system and the petrodollar as the stigma of a dysfunctional unipolar order for happy few is the culmination point of a de-humanization process.

The Latinized hegemon has always had a single obsession and very few virtues. How to subjugate nations in order to steal their wealth? How do you break the concept of sovereign nation in people’s minds ? How do you steal their own lands, cultural roots and heritage?

Rome knew about Rome. In the original constitution of Rome, the sovereign power – the dominium eminens –  resided in the collective body (national identity). If you fracture the concept of the collective body around ideologies (political, sociological, psychological…) within a sovereign nation, then the theft  of its wealth and sovereign power is quietly orchestrated while the focus on noisy divisive secondary concerns is deliberately amplified. This is the true function of modern politics within the western block. As sad as it is, the  magnitude of global control over financial and ideological tools is such that the Nazi hegemon has applied its devastating mental endoctrination therapy “urbi et orbi”.

A LATIN TRAGEDY: URBI (Within the European civilization)

Since 1945, the Anglozionist hegemon’s idea has stretched in 2 dimensions in order to feed its obsession. From 1945 as far as recently, the western world has been precipitated into a new religion; the Shoah – a fact in history objectivising the Jewish genocide. In turning this historical fact into a sacrosanct religion, two “modern” concepts- “the individual” and “identity” – as opposed to the collective body- became excessively predominant. In turn, they would not only weaken the “family” as a fundamental structure, but would also dissolve the concept of national identity regardless of their related cultural fields of application (urbi : within the european world or orbi : extra european targeted countries in order to capture their wealth). Although the latinized hegemon for 1%  elites would overtly proclaim a so-called “wave of decolonizations”, the ontological level of understanding would actually point to the most perverse way of capturing the wealth of the many nations on the guise of “humanistic values”. Let me explain succintly.

Let’s go back to Aristotle’s rules ; instill “fear” and “pity”. In instilling a fabricated fear against an ideology (communism, although communism clearly defeated nazism whose supporters were always Anglozionists) while, at the same time, in focusing on personal stories instead of focusing on the values and typical markers which define and unite the people of a sovereign nation, “pity” combined with “fear” and the strict prohibition of violating the codes of this new religion [in other words, the captation of “the only truth” or monopoly on a historical segment] are instilled in the human brain and function as the most superb weapon against the collective body itself. Consequently, the true function of sensationalist images, personal testimonies. etc. play on the human heart which is the only human weakness as it tends to annihilate the ultimate essence of a man; rational thinking. In turn, the notion of national sovereignty (national identity) is quietly dissolved into an accumulation of personal experiences. This is the psychological level upon which you can “divide and rule” over a “human society”. This is how you can manipulate crowds. The notion of Identity (whether ethnic, racial, gender-oriented, religious etc.) rather than “the family” and “national identity” as cornerstones for a human being’s personal balance turns out to be the most formidable and quiet weapon to destructure the concept of Sovereign nation. The superficial level of understanding pushes the unproven and perverted Hegelian theory that “history is walking towards human freedom” which in turn may conclude that human rights based on ethnicity, genders etc. are a just retribution for the past suffering. Meanwhile, the second level of understanding concludes that it is the most perverse way of fragmenting both the human being’s personal balance and essence (rational thinking) and his notion of national identity (as part of a collective body with its own wealth – territory, culture etc.).

This is what I have called the weaponization of “the Part against the whole”. This is how you steal the wealth of the many nations. This has been the true function of sociology, psychology, psychanalysis and other human sciences (vs Philosophy) since 1945. The more you fragilize the whole (the human essence defined as an ability to think rationally and his reliance to a national identity), the easier the capture of nations’ wealth in the guise of “defending human rights and Capitalism” – as the ultimate freedom for mankind- become.

Beyond the interest of lowering the labor cost, a constant extra civilizational immigration has also participated in that aim instead of empowering each sovereign nation in Africa, latin and South America etc. On an international level, from 1991 forward, the norm has systematically focused on “ethnicity” or “religious identity” or else “gender identity” etc. rather than on the national identity’s standpoint. This is the true function of western mainstream media.  Quite interestingly, reports and images emerging from afar (always apparently disconnected from geopolitical reasons justifiying a sudden overfocus on a precise targeted country) are in reality exclusively concentrated on a selection of nations coveted for their assets (natural wealth, geostrategic location etc.) and non-compliance with the Anglozionist hegemon. However, the ordinary citizen is by no means given  honest geopolitical analysis. He is constantly being fed with a succession of emotional manichean stories about “ethnic misfortunes” which absolutely deny the sentiment of national pride existing in these “national communities” while their leaders are depicted as “horryfying dictators or authoritarian figures”. Why is Donald Trump targeted as “a racist, white supremacist, homophobic, antisemitic, islamophobic….disruptive figure by the US-DNC-led nexus of globalists is directly linked to private interests and lobbys across the aisle who couldn’t care less about the notion of sovereignty or civilizational heritage. Their post citizenship religion for happy few is global domination over a “merged”, impoverished, expandable human/soon post Human race. In other words, they are offering a social darwinism to the human scale within each society.

Put it different, there is a Nazi selektion of human misery and there is a nazi selektion of the information such as it is made almost impossible to access or voice the truth. 

 It comes therefore as no surprise that Wikileaks revealed earlier this year that only 6 companies own  most of the mainstream media, channels, news outlets, domestic and foreign newspapers, magazines within the western world and that they are all tied to a single Anglozionist-led organization – the Council of Foreign relations (CFR)  through Bilderberg meetings; the Atltantic council,  or else, the Trilateral commission whose founding personality, President Carter’s National security advisor and President Obama’s personal advisor, the Polish American Zbigniew Brzezinski happens to have developed the concept of micro state nations based on ethnicity/ religious identity. In addition and quite interestingly enough, all political leaders in Western Europe are connected to the Bilderberg group. When you also realize that the U.S. has interfered in 81 foreign countries’ elections, what democracy means today is your guess.  Donald Trump is absolutely right when he declares that NATO is a racket, that NATO is obsolete and that the European Union is a gathering of so-called “Liberal Democrats progressive globalists” whose role is to privatize “liberalize” each sector of the economy within societies with the ultimate aim of achieving an “open Border merged human race”.

US media empire

I wish to make a parenthetical remark at this point in emphasizing that the new Part against the whole that shall be western globalists-pushed during the XXIth century is the one which should oppose genders ; women vs men for two obvious reasons. Firstly,  it shall absorb the distinction between the sunni Muslim world (Anglozionist-led US-NATO ally) and the Western world in the guise of “Women’s rights” for economic purposes that we shall analyze shortly (growth of domestic consumer markets particularly within the EU bloc). Secondly, the empowerment of Muslim women may dramatically reduce natality within the Muslim world, as the average age within this specific population is 24 with demographic estimates expected to boost in the coming decades. if Christianity has a future, it certainly is in in the south of Africa where 4 in 10 Africans happen to be “latinized” Christians.

Now that the theorical level has been reviewed and the vanity [or weaponization of the ideological rhetoric] is exposed , let’s focus on civilizational attempts of  retaliations within the Western world. In other words, who wants to save the western civilization against the pro-globalist Vatican Rome’s will ? Until recently, there were 2 major players. The first one was Russia. Byzantium wanted to save Christianity against Anglozionist-led latinized Rome pushing for a dissolution of Sovereign nations. This is the core reason why Russia has constantly been pushed away from its European historical roots by the super private army also known as U.S.-led european NATO whose sole obsession aims at global hegemonism. The second one is European populism as a combination of the fight for the preservation of sovereign nations coupled with Christian heritage’s claim. As I have written many times, all throughout History, a civilization or any Empire has always destroyed itself from within.

2 . How Poland is undermining the European Union and Russia while enslaving the U.S. and empowering China ? How can it potentially fatally damage the State of Israel ?

Earlier last year, President Trump was in Poland  to participate in the Three Seas Summit (TSI) whose initiative seeks to position Warsaw at the head of a regional hegemon between the Baltic and Black Seas, thus  essentially restoring the geopolitical contours of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (15th-16th centuries) under the guise of “countering communism, Russia, the red scare, the big bear, a revisionist empire, a totalitarian regime, Mc Mafia (!)…”; whatever your pick is from this sum of torn failed myths. Furthermore, considering that Poland has also managed to strategically expand its present scope to include the Adriatic Sea after joining forces with Croatia, an in-depht analysis of the situation concludes that Poland is the cornerstone of a strategy which shall ultimately benefit the U.S. and China while negatively impacting on Russia and the European Union. Let me explain why succintly.

Three seas initiative TSI

The perpetuation of an anti-Russian crusade in which Poland patronizes on Lithuania and the other two Baltic States of Latvia and Estonia is nothing new as it represents an amended modern version of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. At the same time, Poland has taken an active role within the Visegrad group (V4) composed of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia which are opposed to the European Union’s authoritarianism “enforcing liberal progressive and deceptive socialist values” while demanding that its members accept the resettlement of what Ivy League researcher Kelly M. Greenhill termed as the “Weapons of Mass Migration” and more specifically, Muslim immigration. In this respect, the ancient “Dual Monarchy” (Austria-Hungary) has turned into twin Central European powers with substantial influence over most of their former estates in contemporary Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia, which are more “balanced”vis-à-vis Russia and have actually remained Moscow’s pragmatic partners despite the U.S.-proxy war via economic sanctions proven not as much detrimental for Russia as it is for the E.U. As for Romania and Bulgaria (The Black Sea Bloc), they are equally tied to the EU (for financial aid) and Russia (for energy) while Berlin continue to use Croatia and several over NATO integrated countries in the Euro-Balkans as their “vital space” and direct ports to export its products (Mercedes, BMW etc) to Asia. However, although these NATO- membership countries were highly pressured in order to turn anti-Russian (anti-Slavic and/ or anti-Christian orthodox),  their disagreements with the EU’s austerity measures and social liberalism have considerably infuriated their respective people against Brussels. A similar fury is expected to gain momentum in Italy – a fact which shall constitute a great victory for Donald J.Trump in his effort to reunite the Christian world.

Poland’s mastercard : NATO

Washington in now more dependent on Poland than the opposite

Poland has become the new advanced post of NATO’s offensive (vs defensive) attitude towards Russia through the deployment of the U.S.’s Aegis missile defense system, armed with SM-3 anti-missile missiles on Polish territory with offensive capabilities –specifically its ability to launch nuclear-armed BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles. In other words, “the Patriots” in Poland fit into the US concept of Prompt Global Strike. Such systems have also been installed not just in Poland, but in emergencies, in the Baltic countries as well, particularly in Lithuania which allows the U.S. to monitor the Kaliningrad region (Russia) in the exact same way- in terms of distance- as if Moscow had deployed such threat in Misouri to monitor Washington D.C. from virtually every direction.


Warsaw’s plan has also secured the deployment of sixty M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) with an operational range of 300 km for its ‘Homar’ program.


The Polish President has also expressed hope that the US contingent in Poland is increased, as it is well understood in Poland that the more dependent Washington is, the more irrelevant the E.U. threats amid the forced relocation of civilizationally dissimilar migrants become.

It also speaks volume for growing confidence that Poland feels nowadays in officially introducing a conservative-religious ideological vision to challenge the EU’s liberal-godless one, namely catholic, demonstrating how it plans to lead the “Three Seas Initiative” and advance its EuroRealist agenda. In other words, a 40 million-strong country now promotes his ideologically different perspective from Germany’s. Consequently, whereas Brussels shall continue pulling the purse strings and exercising its influence through economic means, Warsaw has 3 undeniable assets.

  • Firstly, it has not opted for the Euro which makes it a highly competitive European country.
  • Secondly, its position within NATO has made it extremely powerful.
  • Thirdly, every member of the “Three Seas Initiative” states aside from Austria is a member of the “16+1” cooperation mechanism with China aimed at clinching One Belt One Road (OBOR aka BRI) investments in this part of Europe, which include the Budapest-Piraeus railway that could one day possibly be expanded to Warsaw and Riga (Latvia).

I would wish to briefly comment on the Urainian case. As an Israeli, I deplore to hear and observe that a staggering number of western Ukrainian non Jews have now been incorporated into the IDF (Israeli Defense forces). I have talked to several ones in Israel.  It is now well documented that according to the “regime change policy”, the Anglozionist-led coup orchestrated by the Obama administration in Ukraine in 2014 used CIA-trained and armed local Neo-Nazi groups whose mission of perpetrating massacres against Eastern Donbass’ pro-Russian populations was aimed at forcing Vladimir Putin to intervene. Actually, the Anglozionist globalist hegemon in tandem with George Soros’ “open society foundations”(OSF) spread around Eastern Europe have secured, encouraged and financed Neo-Nazi and/or and fascist trends in several eastern European countries to continuously feed the “fear” that “Nazism may reappear on the old continent in the same fashion as it has financed the Nazi symbolic figure in the 1920s and 1930s but also during WW2 as until 1942. After Euromaidan (the civilian “spontaneous” upheaval in Kiev), quite a few testimonies emerged from “led from behind” Neo-Nazis having been promised a $5,000 reward by Mossad-snipers also present and shooting at crowds to escalate tensions. A similar scenario was reproduced at the early beginning of the Syrian spring in March 2011 (notably in Dara’a). The coup d’Etat in Ukraine was also aimed to sabotage EU-Russia Nordstream agreements on European gas supply through Soviet-era built ukrainian pipelines and connecting corridors with the US hope to force Russian energy sales directly to the US before it would then be re-sold to Europe with a significant margin for American private investors. In Ukraine, activities of the collaborationist Ukrainian Insurgent Army during World War II are well documented. The Azoz Battalion directly derives from this inspiration some members of whom the U.S. recruited to accomplish their ignominius mission. Its ideology is based on neo-Nazism.

As an overall, the US and the European Union have constantly stabbed Russia and the Slavic countries. From 1991 forward, they have never stopped.


It is widely believed that Europe and the West is haunted by the spectre of populism. But what is populism actually? How does true populism differ from the “fake” populism of French president Emmanuel Macron and other  liberals who only adopt the term to save global Liberalism with another kind of pompous simulacra working for the final project already detailed above, regardless of their deceptive effort to make their stance coincide with the word “multilateralism”.

First and foremost, true populism surmonts the classical and artificial political distinction between the left and the right. Let’s remind that populism which derives from the Latin word “populus” (The People) suggests that populism emerged in the crisis of (Western) Liberalism and democracy as an advocacy of the people against its corrupt elites. Again here, let’s get back to the inner sense of the Roman Republic ; The sovereign powerthe dominium eminens -resides in the collective body . The collective body is the exclusive owner of its nation’s wealth. So the new division which gave birth to populism is no longer about left vs. right, but rather the elite vs. the masses for one ultimate fight ; Sovereign nations vs the “planetary Republic” whose European (regional) agenda is enforced through four main tools ; the disparition of direct referendums,  too high a fixed currency”, “supranational norms” ,”identies’ rights” and enforced extracultural “muslim” immigration.

Secondly,  one has to focus on the historical circumstances of populism’s emergence. It emerged in Europe in it’s current form at the end of the 1980’s at the height of the Cold War and the beginning of “post-modernity”. At this time, most countries in Western Europe were split in a two party system, between “Socialists” and “Conservatives”, who shared the whole power between them with as direct consequence, an astonishing level of corruption. The case of France is quite unique as its political regime and mode of presidential election was designed by and for General De Gaulle in 1958 (The Vth constitution) to function under a dual political spectrum. Hence, the level of corruption between political and compliant elites goes back in the French history much ante the 1980s. Actually, it goes back as far as the French revolution but it would take an entire article to provide an in-depth analysis on the subject.  This being said, the 1980s remain the European period which saw a dramatic fracture between elites more and more alienating themselves from the people. Let’s just mention that the Euro was US designed by Pr Mundell, from Columbia University, in 1984. The tool was an obvious Anglozionist ambition to lock up Europe into a global process. The very beginning of European populist politics tried to break up this corrupt system with the will of bringing democracy back to its antique meaning: a direct democracy in the sense of the Jewish-inherited Greek laos (λαός), later Russian narod and German Volk. Modern Populists are all together nothing more than an attempt to call for referendum in order to have their voice heard and respective sovereign will exercised in critical or strategic arenas such as national currencies, public and independent army, a public banking system, civilisational morals and ethics, immigration, national sovereignties, health care, a virtuous economy rather than a speculation-oriented system, a right to Education, the effective separation of the three branches of powers etc. This “tird way” does not imply the nationalization of all branches of the economy but of strategic branches.

In economic terms, real populism took a stance against neoliberalism, delocalizations, privatization without quite clearly perceive yet the ontological and philosophical totalizing project that was prevailing upon a “planetary governance” combined with technical progress and demographic forecasts. In geopolitical terms, as early as the Soviet Union was “defeated”, the true populists would begin to question the core reason for NATO’s perpetuation. Hence, instead of “Atlanticist” supernational structures, populists would begin to demand the return of their Sovereign “Europe of fatherlands” once claimed by Charles de Gaulle before he was broken into submission by Anglozionism and French offshoots which control every level of political and cultural spheres in France for instance. Furthermore, populism stressed the importance of Jewish-Christian traditions for the renewal of the European culture and fought against the “Islamization” as imposed response to an ageing European population with regards to the European concern of growing its domestic consumer market for 1% post patriotic elites. This last observation allow us to shift toward extra-civilizational factors which objectify that Rome is burning to pieces for good. Before we do, let’s just mention a last word. If Populism wants to have a European future, it must remain faithful to its antique origins and overcome left vs right artificial divisions. It must also strongly support the leaders of the multipolar forces in the world who are working to rebalance International Affairs. Presidents Trump, Putin, Xi and Netanyahu are on the same page on this topic, though the American president’s latitude is ultimately dependent on strong private stakeholders and lobbys. The idea of creating a 6th branch of the military (a space force) might calm these private investors down. Meanwhile, the chances of success remain thin. Should the 45th president play wise, populism shall set free the American ordinary citizens from a deadly trap partly built in 1913 (privatizing of the US Banking system – the “fourth branch of the economy) and later, through the privatization of the Military. Once, the 35th American president, J.F Kennedy, had the project of returning their financial power to the American people. He had started to print “national-owned” $2 and $5 dollar banknotes. He thus “had the dream” of “draining the swamp” in kicking out Anglozionist-led private banking system. He was assassinated.


Of course, there is still the possibility of an Armageddon scenario starting at any moment into the shifting process. However, including this option has become the worst possible outcome for the hegemon. This was the true meaning of Russia’s address to the many nations of the world through Vladimir Putin’s speech to the Russian Federation held on last March 1, 2018. “Now, listen to us”. The world shall be multipolar and truly humanistic, or it shall not be. By no means does this wish imply a “merged human race” but rather mutual respect and fair trade between economically integrated blocs of equal stakeholders for the benefit of each sovereign nation.

Russia’s and China’s technological advance (hypersonic ICBM systems) is unmatched and shall remain unmatched in the forseeable future. Even as the US and the NATO racket is similar to the Danaïdes barrel, their first hypersonic missiles are stagnant at Mach 7 while China’s and Russia’s fly between Mach 11 to 15 and 20 to 24 (and above) respectively. In other words, the US-NATO Defense systems (Patriots, THAAD etc) (first/second strikes) have become obsolete. Additionally, Russia and China have signed an agreement for the building of independent communication satellite systems (from the US GPS) in order to prevent probable attempts to sabotage China’s Silk road infrastructures, foment cyberattacks on satellite-guided military commands, Electronic warfare guiding systems and information from the outer space. Naturally, it’s inconceivable that American intelligence agencies had no idea that Russia was developing these armaments that are for defensive purposes and were created in response to George Bush’s unilateral decision to pull out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty in 2002 – a fact which thereby completely upsettled the erstwhile parity that had hitherto stabilized the US-Russian relations. Meanwhile, this public address was necessary as the many nations of the world are now aware that their resistance isn’t worthless. The outstanding job and contribution that the Russian Aerospace Forces have brought to Syria’s struggle for its sovereignty have made the Russia technology’s superiority world-famous (it was always and mostly quietly sold to the US to avoid sanctions) suggest that there might be a strong demand for the country’s hypersonic weapons exports in the future. The recent selling spree of S400s to a multitude of countries, including non-traditional partners such as NATO Turkey, eventually Qatar etc. (should Donald Trump engages his foreign policy into further irrationality in UKraine, the Euro-Balkans or the Asian-Balkans via US-NATO relocation of Sunni terrorist cells from Northern Afghanistan with a view to infiltrating great Eurasian powers (Russia, China…) dramatically changes the strategic military equation and further erodes America’s previous military dominance in the sphere of offensive air and missile capabilities. This is utterly significant for the Anglozionist hegemon as Saudi Arabia’s compliance to serve the petrodollar in exchange of the best protection for its absolutist monarchist regime and ideological wahabite expansion on the Muslim world  may fade away in the face of Iran. From now on, Russia’s ally Iran appear more invincible than ever and China’s imminent launch of a Gold-backed Petroyuan currency shall be perceived as a sign of stability for international trade by private investors and exporting nations striving to remain sovereign ones. Consequently, the Anglozionist-led global Empire has expectedly now entered the grey zone in which it shall create major frictions between the 21st-century “Concert of Great Powers”. It is shutting down a fantasized “iron curtain” again in preparation for unleashed hybrid wars vs meaningful diplomacy aiming at preserving peace. The decision has been made overnight. Rex Tillerson is out. CIA’s top head Mike Pompeo is in and a woman whose record mentions her heavy implication at the head of a program of torture in various CIA camps in the world has taken his role. Have you said “Bring democracy and freedom to the many nations in the world?”. There is no such thing as Democracy. It is a sophism, an ill-constructed illusion, an ideologiy for gullible minds. Needless to go very far to prove the point. In her recent address before the U.N. Security Council, Nikki Haley has, for instance and not for the first time, threatened her audience of a unilateral U.S. intervention in Syria. Considering direct calamitous consequences for civilian populations on the ground, what’s worth the false flag of any “humanitarian action”? Contradictions are the only destiny for collapsing empires.  Pompeo is obviously given a wild card for waging Hybrid War offensives against key states where China’s OBOR connectivity corridors are currently under construction and where the US retains forward-operating bases in Afro-Eurasia. His nomination as U.S. Secretary of State emphasizes on a divisive strategy promoting the “Clash of Civilisations” blueprint. Meanwhile, additonal indicators suggest that If Syria doesn’t turn out to be the 21st century’s Sarajevo (1914), the Multipolar world should steadily implement a new balance between Great powers in the foreseeable future.

The economic level

Among many others, (PricewaterhouseCoopers) -PwC’s latest report only states the obvious in predicting China‘s global economic domination over the next three decades. The report ranked 32 countries, based on their projected Gross Domestic Product by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). As a quick reminder, Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is an economic theory that compares different countries’ currencies through a market “basket of goods” approach. In this respect, PPP determines the economic productivity and standards of living of various countries over a period, which makes this economic tool a more precise way of estimating a country’s economy, as market exchange rates may fluctuate substantially. Accordingly, China shall become the first economy in the world whereas the U. S. economy is planned to lose steam and even fall behind India. As for Russia, there is little doublt it shall become the leading European economy ahead of Germany, UK, and Italy with a GDP of $7 trillion. The analysis objectifies that by 2050, China’s GDP would reach $58.5 trillion, India, over $44 trillion, while the United States will have a $34.1 trillion economy.

Eco The world in 2050- 3

Furthermore, the growth shall be largely driven  by emerging market and developing countries, with the E7 economies of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and Turkey growing at an annual average rate of almost 3.5 percent over the next 34 years, compared to just 1.6 percent for the advanced G7 nations of Canada,France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US. Given a robust annual growth of 4 to 5%, Vietnam, the Philippines and Nigeria are predicted to make the greatest move up the GDP rankings.

Based on an alternative method for GPD calculation – market exchange ratings- GDP numbers for 2050 suggest rankings according to which the US will lose global dominance as soon as 2030 [if not earlier], and the gap only growing by 2050 with China having a nearly $60 trillion GDP, with the US remaining stagnant with the same $34.1 trillion.

Eco The world in 2050- 2

Eco The world in 2050

If the European Union wants to have a future, a realistic standpoint objectifies that it is somehow compelled to push a welcome-friendly Muslim immigration within its bloc, even if this policy has now reached an astonishing level of impopularity. The E.U.’s realpolitik which has embraced the Anglozionist-led coalition (U.S-NATO/GCC) in the Middle East falls in line with the plan of increasing a Muslim immigration to Europe while operating a balkanization of Syria and Iraq (creation of weak and manageable micro-states) in an effort to implement the biggest energy market in the world. These observations must therefore be put in close relation with demographic forecasts as they reflect the potential for consumer markets in the coming decades. In addition, France has little to no other option than the one of strengthening its presence on its “African Empire”, even if the moral excuse has to hide its participation in US-led Hybrid wars including a quiet support to sunni terrorism. A similar comment may apply to U.S.-controlled Anglosphere in an effort to counter China’s OBOR connectivity projects on the African continent and most notably along the Indian Ocean coast. The Anglozionist geopolitical effort to resist in vain the Multipolar world  has also developed a full range of hybrid wars to submit/seduce emerging countries like India through financial tools with regards to India’s banks debts due to toxic assets while, at the same time, also playing on China-India historical territorial disputes and rivalry for their regional influence in the Indian Ocean

Was it possible to “save” the European civilization? Yes, indeed. Meanwhile, it would have supposed the courage to acknowledge that Yalta’s partition of the world was obsolete, thus that NATO was an obsolete organization. Russia had repeatedly proposed another option which was aimed to create the biggest economic and cultural bloc in the world potentially stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok. To save the European civilization would have meant a rebalance of powers between Rome and the third Rome.

Additional factors objectifying the collapse of unipolarity:

  • The U.S. public debt has now entered an unmanageable zone where it exceeds the U.S. annual GDP (over 100%) with economic forecast estimates increasing the National debt from $ 21 trillion to $30 trillion in the next 10 years.
  • Although unemployment rate is at an historical low, Speculation-orientated Capitalism (vs reinvestments in the real economy) continues to encourage low or stagnant wages ; a piece of information which suggests that the U.S. domestic consuming market shall continue to “make China great again”. Furthermore, the recent tax reform has little to do with stimulating economic growth and jobs creation, but everything to do with a permanent cut in the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent. It is estimated that this will raise corporate revenues by more than $6 trillion over the next decade, while dramatically hurting domestic programs, with particular emphasis on the basic entitlement programs: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
  • Social Security and Government liabilities are heavily defunded at a time when more than 1 American in 2 have less than 10K ($10,000) in savings and while 10,000 baby boomers retire daily without having been able to save since the financial crisis broke out in 2008.
  •  Oppositely, China’s domestic market, alone, is expected to boost the country’s economy over the coming decades whereas U.S. economic and financial weapons (sanctions against leaders of a multipolar world) may not only hurt the U.S. economy but that of its allies in more dramatic proportions.
  • The US is today the largest world debtor and even the biggest debtor ever existed in history (20.9 $ trillion or 108 percent of the GDP) mainly, but not exclusively, due to huge military spendings, alongside tax cuts that reduced the US federal revenue. The deficit in current account balance with the rest of the world is only covered by the US administration borrowing from private investors (mostly from abroad) and foreign Central Banks (essentially China and Japan). Therefore, such US financial dependence on foreign powers to provide needed funds to pay the interest on the American public debt leaves the US awfully vulnerable ; especially should China- rather than Japan – decide to stop buying the US bonds or…even worse, should China decide to sell them. This would crush the U.S. dollar overnight. Hence, this is a formidable weapon China may trigger at any time; should the U.S. engage further in a its Hybrid wars. From every angle one would wish to look at the situation, it is a Chessmate for the latinized hegemon. In a context where the U.S. has become an oil/ gas exporting nation which yet demands from their oil riches-Gulf Monarchy allies investments in the U.S. (if not, the U.S. protection of absolutist Islamic monarchist regimes shall be removed), China, the biggest oil/ gas buyer in the world has launched a Gold-Back currency (Petro Yuan), marking its transition to a hydrocarbon price setter. Challenging the traditionally dollar-denominated oil business, China shall list local-currency crude futures in Shanghai on March 26 2018, according to the nation’s securities regulator
    • The Treasury of Russia is planning to launch the sale of Russian debt in the form of bonds denominated in Chinese yuan. The size of the first offering; a test of the market, will barely reach 1 billion US dollars, which amounts to 6 billion yuan. The move is being accelerated by reports that the US Treasury is examining the potential consequences of extending its economic pressure on Russia. This is how one can better give sense to the absurd anti-Russian campaign launched by the U.K., France and the U.S. The Anglozionist hegemon is nervous. The fight shall be tense, but lost in advance.
  • Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek has recently announced that Ankara is going to issue bonds in rubles and yuan in 2018, as reported by the Gercek Gundem recently.
  • Other nations in South America and Africa are expected to trade in Yuan. Russia, Venezuela, Iran or other oil producers are now in a position to sell oil to China in yuan or rubles, hence entirely bypassing the dollar. As early as  October 2017,  China and Russia launched a payment versus payment (PVP) system for Chinese yuan and Russian ruble transactions that shall reduce settlement risk for oil and other trades. Actually,  Russian oil and gas sales to China are already being conducted in Ruble and Yuan and since the irrational meaningless U.S. effort to isolate Qatar in the Persian Gulf from June 2017, Qatar, a major LNG gas supplier to China has switched to pricing in Yuan. Tremendous Anglozionist pressure is put on Saudi Arabia to avoid at all costs that it breaks its 1974 pact with Washington and sells its oil to China, also for yuan.
  • Iran has recently joined Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). Presently the EEU is a market of 183 million people. With Iran, 80 million citizens would give a major boost to the economies of the EEU and to its economic importance, thus creating a common market of more than 263 million with highly qualified and skilled labor, engineers, scientists and industrial know-how, not to mention the international cultural influence of Iran’s persian past. Confronted to escalating threats and sanctions from Washington, Iran’s integration into the EEU brings a practical solution to Tehran to sell its energy resources in non-dollar currencies. This is what anti-Trump fringe of Anglozionists wanted to avoid as they were hoping to trap Iran through their globally controlled financial weapon.

The financial level

What about creating a new financial crisis? Can cryptocurrencies save the Anglozionist Hegemon ?

The reason why there was no bank run in 2008 – which would have led to the collapse of the global banking system – lies in a simple factor. Put it succintly, it relates to the trust that ordinary citizens continued to place in the financial system, courtesy of what the Anglozionist-led and corporate-controlled media machine convinced them to believe.

Our concern and analysis has focused on the potential benefits for the Anglozionist hegemon to orchestrate another financial crisis as part of its ultimate weapon to save its unipolar empire. Hence, the question of how people would react in such scenario became obviously crucial. The path seems to be traced already, especially in geopolitical terms as countries like China and Russia have anticipated this possibility not only in creating their own alternative banking and financial system to escape reccurent U.S. dollar sanctions; but also in beginning the de-dollarization era by accumulating gold and using different payment methods to the US currency. In the same fashion, the desire to escape from Anglozionist exclusive upper hand on the global financial system combined with the precautionous need to remain anonymous has produced a dramatic technological evolution known as blockchain and a cryptocurrency corresponding to the necessity to rapidly communicate and globally exchange data in real time through the Internet. Both evolutions find common dark net roots in the American security services. The Internet stems from a DARPA project, and blockchain was outlined in NSA documents as early as 1996.

It would therefore be unconceivable to assume that governments and central banks have been surprised in any manner by the “birth” of cryptocurrencies. However, it is safe to say that Anglozionist-led Washington’s bullying foreign policy has only accelerated the de-dollarization process. The next obvious question is why have cryptocurrencies not been declared illegal ?

A quick look at the devastating effects of the loss of the Gold standard (gold-backed currencies vs petrodollar) through this chart, clearly objectifies how the start of world debt coincided with the end of the dollar being linked to gold. The decision has predictibly led to an increase in inflation only relatively tamed by false economic data and a powerful financial manipulation by central banks in collusion with each other. This Anglozionist move which happened in 1971 can be isolated as an event which marks the beginning of an accelerated war against the concept of national sovereignty. Regardless of his citizenship and/or country of residence, the ordinary citizen started to be overwhelmed by debts and witnessed his purchasing power steadily decline over the years, while continuously being told by the media and unsincere Economists that the exact opposite was actually happening according to psychological campaigns against rational thinking. Of course, to develop guilty feelings and aristotelician “fear” have been instrumental in the process of stealing sovereign wealth in the many nations.  In the US in 2008 and in 2009 in Europe, the burden of the bailout finally fell on the shoulders of ordinary citizens. As a direct consequence, they clearly started to lose confidence both in specialized mainstream media (Bloomberg, The Economist, Les Echos, BFM Business etc) which all relate to Anglozionist-led CFR, and in commercial banks, all directly linked to Anglozionist-controlled Central banks.

From Gold to Money to Crypto.

Then again, why have cryptocurrencies (ie. Bitcoin) and blockchain technology not been declared illegal?  Easy answer here. The reason reflects to Anglozionist initial project of exerciting a planetaty control over a  Post “paper money” human citizenry. Quite interestingly enough, the transition towards digital currencies may ironically see nations devoted to de-dollarization in a privileged position compared to economies entirely tied to the dollar. If we consider the possible economic-shift to be more convenient for the sustainability of several nations, it is particularly important to insist that the “inevitable” technological change must anchor the global economy back to real values. Hence, the consistent transition involves a return to physical Gold or to virtual Gold, precisely the block chain and the value we bring with it.

What kind of retaliation can we imagine from the power of central banks and what kind of  plans can they come up with in order to perpetuate their Ponzi scheme? The most spontaneous guess points to the launch of their own cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, what will make the main difference in the future is which physical good backs up these virtual currencies. For instance, Russia and China have accumulated many tons of gold and diversified their assets, dumping USD in exchange for tangible goods. As I have mentioned earlier, China is therefore about to launch the petroYuan on next march 26, 2018 which is directly convertible in Gold. In the same fashion, we can imagine that a Crypto-Yuan or/and Crypto-Ruble shall eventually be valued more than a crypto-dollar backed on thin air, no to say, without any concrete counter-value. Actually, in a not to long distant future, Yuan and Ruble shall be backed with gold or other financial assets like bitcoin whereas Anglozionist-led unipolar hegemon has nothing to offer but fiat currency and Ponzi scheme. It is thus safe to say that a provoked financial crisis would not help feed the beast. On the contrary, it would empower multipolarity faster as fiat money would immediately pour into gold and crypto markets looking for a safe haven from the devaluing and already collapsed dollar.

In the next couple of years, it is only rational to expect Central Banks such as those of the US (FED), Europe (ECB) and Japan develop their “own” crypto-currency(ies) and start pushing conversion from fiat money in their failed attempt to give the Ponzi scheme (the centralized private system) an artificial life extension. However, Anglozionist big players have already massively abandoned the U.S. dollar and recapitalized their assets into Gold. We should not exclude coercive measures, such as banning non-state-actor cryptos, from governments when central banks start realizing having lost their competitive edge on currency manipulation. The last straw that shall break the camel’s back is expectedly related to the U.S. military industrial power trying to enforce then resurrect the USD by selling countless military equipment to its client States (NATO) and by launching all-out wars worldwide.

However, once there are currencies backed on real goods at the same moment when the U.S. has lost its military dominance in the sphere of offensive air and missile capabilities, it is safe and rational to conclude that this is chessmate. The 21st century shall be multipolar, or it shall not be.

  A steady economic and military decline of power has begun. The US shall find itself unable to force certain countries to use their currency, therefore losing its main weapon to create chaos in the world to advance its geopolitical goals. Without the dollar as the main world reserve currency, Washington shall be forced, one way or another, to reconcile with the rest of the world, understanding that the unipolar moment is over and the neoliberal hegemonic planes to rule over “a planetary human mass” are forever gone. So go down in history, Nazi Empires and their nasty gas filling the air. For the second time in history, Russia has defeated Nazism. Actually, the third Rome and through her Byzantium, has finally brilliantly taken her revenge on Rome and its Latinized exceptionalist Zionist mistake. Rome is burning and the Universe rearranges its particles to welcome the new proud era of Multipolarity. The many sovereign nations of the world shall survive. A tremendous tribute to China for her remarkable contribution. A tremendous tribute to South American nations, African nations,  Iran, Afghanistan, Irak and Syria for their inspiring resistance. Salvation is near. An unforgttable tribute in memoriam of those who died in the name of Rome. More than ever, India must be wiser than crumbling ruins.

©Mylene Doublet O’Kane, March 16, 2018.

MD O’Kane is an Israeli French teacher, a postgraduate in Philosophy, in History of ideas and an independent analyst in geopolitics.

Republishing of this article is welcomed with reference to TCO. The views of the author do not necessarily coincide with the opinion of the editorial board.