When a 'Post-truth' era is only but a failed myth


TCO (thinkerscorneronline) is a gathering of non-politicized Academics who believe that the “truth” can never be achieved or disseminated without solid evidence. Our journal is interested in processes taking place at the broad expanse. Hence, we do not limit our in-depth analysis geographically. We cover political, geopolitical, philosophical and religious issues, financial, economic and ideological trends, regional security topics, humanitarian, social and environmental concerns.

Our priorities are to promote understanding rather than ideology, strategic outlook rather than simple comments on news or events, accuracy rather than redundancy in partisan verbiage and root causes rather than their consequences.

We are committed to developing TCO into a relevant electronic platform offering unbiased expert opinions. We are also focused on creating a worldwide culture of partnerships where knowledge influences opinions and decisions. TCO editorial staff does appreciate viewpoints of any contributor or reader willing to share and defend his convictions and approaches regardless of his nationality, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. TCO operates as a tool against “unspoken truth”. TCO is an independent entity. We receive no salary and do not offer financial compensation. Our support relies exclusively on our readerships’ donations.

To submit a personal article or to offer translation services, you may use our contact page. English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Italian are read and welcomed.

             Sincerely yours,

                                                              TCO- Editorial board







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