|By Mylene Doublet O’Kane

|original source : French

American’s failed strategy in attempts to convince the Western”free world” that the Taliban have decided to ally with DAESH is undoubtedly one of the biggest Fake News of 2017. In a recent interview, not only has former Afghan President Hamid Karzaï clearly stated that “Daesh could have never made its way into Afghanistan without the capabilities of a strong foreign support”, but a 17 year-uninterrupted and illegal U.S. presence in Afghanistan points to which “foreign support” Karzaï was referring to.

It is now well documented that following U.S. President Carter’s National Security advisor Zbigniew Brezinzsky’s “Grand chessboard strategy”, the 1979 plan to trap the Soviet Union into a war in Afghanistan made Pakistan an excellent U.S. base for further US-led penetration of so-called” Mujahedeen” into the country. The  desire of  creating a Republic [1973 coup] and a Socialist coup in 1978 had opened the way to Democracy in Afghanistan; an occurrence that the U.S. couldn’t afford, first, according to its hegemonic ambition as part of its unipolar vision of the world and also in regards to its alliance with Sunni absolutist monarchism, since 1945. (USS Quincy agreement)

The Quincy Agreement


President Roosevelt with King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia and William Leahy aboard USS Quincy -14 Feb 1945


On his way back from the Yalta Conference (4-11 Feb 1945) with Stalin and Churchill, U.S. President Roosevelt and King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia met aboard Quincy. During the meeting, President Roosevelt persuaded King Saud to give support for Jewish immigration to Palestine, and hoped that Ibn Saud might be able to offer constructive advice on the Palestine issue [Partition of Palestine; U.N. Resolution 181 voted 29 Nov 1947]. As part of  a secret agreement, the U.S. committed to provide Saudi Arabia military security – military assistance, training and a military base at Dhahran in Saudi Arabia – in exchange for secure and privileged access to supplies of oil. After a call at Alexandria, and a final meeting between president Franklin Rosevelt and prime minister Winston Churchill, this agreement would give birth to a modern Cerberus or secret alliance between WASP zionism/Jewish zionism and Sunni absolutist monarchism.

As soon as 1978, The US and their allies hence fomented to kill two birds with one stone in Afghanistan [Democracy and a major piece in the Heartlands regional stability] in infiltrating trained, armed and manipulated Muslim terrorists coming from across almost every MENA country (Middle East and North Africa) whose mission to create such unrest and chaos finally motivated the leading Afghan power to seek for Moscow’s help. Describing a quite similar modus operandi, declassified CIA reports objectify that in Iran, a democratic leader, Mohammed Mossadegh, was overthrown after a successful 1953 joint US-UK-led coup [also known as CIA operation AJAX] because Mossadegh wanted to nationalize Iran’s oil ; a situation which would have jeopardized UK’s interests. As a result, US-puppet and reformist Dictator Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was imposed for over two decades to the Iranian society. His brutal methods finally led to the Iranian revolution of 1979; putting a final end to US-UK’s hold on the Iranian oil. Although not related to the present subject, it is noteworthy to mention that during the so-called Russian revolution (1917,with several prior failed attempts), UK-funded “color revolution” [5% of the russian population at its early beginning] would play the same “change regime” role with a view for British-American bankers to capturing Russian tremendous natural resources.

Let’s also bare in mind that the US banking system became a private organization in 1913,interestingly right before a convenient royal assasination occured which quite predictably turned into a major diplomatic crisis, then a European war, given the alliances, and finally a World War from which these same private bankers, alone, got richer.

In other words, from the knowledge developed in these above examples- although so many others would be worth mentioning- it is safe to agree that the U.S. rhetoric of “bringing democracy to the world” is the best Fake News ever concocted and disseminated over the past seventy years. Softly put, we can agree that US-UK rhetoric and perception are invariably at variance with reality. We can also agree that a WASP-Jewish zionism has allied with Islamic authoritative monarchism for the worst outcome in the history of humankind. From 2001 forward, the new rhetoric of so-called “Global war on Terrorism” is no exception to this strategic alliance.

Actually trained, armed and financed by the modern Cerberus, disseminated Sunni terrorism worldwide would turn into the most efficient weapon to morally justify a permanent U.S.-NATO interventionism and the quiet colonialist perpetuation of the “latinized” western domination on the world. As direct heirs of the western Roman Empire, western Europe and the United States continue to have a supremacist attitude vis-à-vis the rest of the world. Neither do we refer here to the ordinary man nor to the political leader within this exceptionalist latinized civilization. The latter one is only in what French thinker La Boétie would call “a voluntary servitude”. But rather, we refer to these almost invisible latinized supremacists who have a total control on the international banking system and international organizations. We also refer to several historic thinkers upon whom quite a few extremist strategists continue to develop frightening western eurocentric theories. Maybe a genuine, thus penniless philosopher only, can explain geopolitics to the ordinary man. If he was forced to drink the hemlock some 25 centuries ago, if he was banned from the polis (city),there must be a reason ; Hardly anybody can fool him. Within Jewish inheritated Christianity, a final schism between the latinized world (Rome) and the Greek-inheritated world (Byzantium) occured in 1054 when the latinized Great Popes reformers insisted on the intemporal power’s supremacy (G-d) over the temporal power (Kings and Emperors), whereas the Eastern Popes would submit to the temporal power. This schism would determine much of the hostility of Western Christianity towards Eastern Christianity. In addition, the Roman Catholic apostolic Church would claim to be the true upholder of Roman heritage with it, the Roman Church determined the temporal powers to delimit strict borders between Western latinized Christianity and its eastern counter-part. The sack of Constantinople (Byzantium) by the latinized Crusaders in 1204 would be perceived as awfully barbaric by the Eastern Christians. This event would signal the final victory and the beginning of the supremacist attitude of  latinized western Europe towards the rest of the world. Today, Russia is very much the symbolic figure of the Greek-inheritage.


Right after the 9/11 attacks on the WTC towers and the U.S. Pentagon, one has to remember that George Bush Jr. was particularly fast in condemning the Taliban for their alleged involvement into a conspiracy theory against the “U.S. and Democracy“. In the light of the cited examples, what kind of Democracy was he referring to? Furthermore, solid evidence happened to never be produced before the U.N.Security Council. A U.N mandate was therefore never delivered to go full-out war against Afghanistan to “crack down on the Taliban”; most of whom had actually been fighting on the U.S side all throughout the 1979-1988 war against the Soviet Union. The new aggressive rhetoric against the former ally was utterly suspicious and unsubstantiated. We shall not even mention the US-UK fabricated evidence of alleged WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction) which further “legitimized” a “fire and fury” war on Iraq, two years later [2003]. For the record, the “Baghdad campaign” and the capture of Iraq took less than 3 weeks.

The childish motto : “Either you’re with us, or you’re against us” was never consistent with the International Law but rather with Mackinder’s theory and his “latinized” vision of the world, as he formulated it in 1904.

 It is hence of utter importance that you get familiar with Mackinder’s theory 

(Read : less than  2 mins)

The sublime perversity of WASP-Jewish zionism is to claim racial and identity inclusiveness while, at the same time, it uses Sunni Muslim absolutist monarchism as a tool to advance a supremacist latinized agenda which orchestrates or/and exacerbates clashes along sectarian lines worldwide [while it promotes the false idea of freedom in advocating independent small countries to weaken large geographic and rich spaces and while it focuses on individual trajectories and experiences to hide its secret agenda]. Although it voices a solemn condemnation against ethnic cleansing, it abundantly foments civilian unrests in strategic regions and demonizes resisting leaders presented as “dictatorial figures”, as part of its wide range of Hybrid and info wars.

Though seldom asked, an interesting question is : Who created a “post”-colonial world and international institutions such as they would conveniently self-generate chaos and the latinized world’s permanent domination in financial, economic, political and social arenas ? This is what was worth the so-called Cold war. This is what is worth the vocal outrage against ethnic cleansing; quite surprisingly bursting wherever WASP-Jewish zionist interests are at stake and therefore, all along the Chinese-led Belt and road initiative itineraries. This is what’s worth the concept of weapons of mass immigration [WMI] which conveniently destabilize countries of origins, transiting countries and countries of final destinations. The last infamous example of such irresponsible actions and its consequences can be observed inside present-day European Union.

In the same way, but in the context of Central Asia, in destabilizing mostly Sunni Muslim countries, whether included into the  Heartland or peripherical (Rimland), the further ability to train, finance, arm and expand U.S.-relocaled Sunni terrorists cells and/or to coordinate them with local ones  combined with a natural factor [geographic inter-migration of populations with same geocultural roots between Central Asia and the Middle East] translates the capacity of the Rimland to destabilize the Heartland. This is hence what was worth the Cerberus’ proxy-war in Afghanistan (1979-1988), as a successful attempt to breach the original unity. Quite logically after having working hard on the Soviet Union collapse (1991) and the dismantlement of the Rimland on the Euro-Balkans’ front (1994), the next move would include the balkanization of the Middle East (Iraq, Syria) and the recurring destabilization of Lebanon). Had this “Grand strategy” be successful, it would have granted the “latinized world’s with the capture of all natural and mineral resources. It would have granted Israel with an indisputable military supremacy in the Middle East area. Tough hardly deserved, the additional reward would have been the narrative claiming loud and clear that it is “the only democracy in the Middle East”. Lastly, it would have provided Saudi Arabia with a greater ideological influence on Central Asia and the Middle-East.  This is what’s worth the empty concept of “Global war on Terrorism”, whereas it is precisely trained, armed and infiltrated on purpose wherever and whenever necessary. This is what is worth the concept of “Fake news” which, in turn, conveniently allows a total control of information. This is what’s worth the narrative of “possible” cyberattacks and control on nuclear-headed missiles which shall “legitimize” both a permanent U.S. foothold into the Middle-East and into Eurasia with actually,  the ‘disguised’ use of nuclear missiles by the very same Cerberus; should this option happens necessary.  The more threatened of losing its grips on its manichean unipolar vision of the world, the more chaos and destruction this twisted alliance [WASP-Jewish “latinized”-Islamic monarchism] shall create.

When the sitting President of the United States asked last thursday 11 Jan 2018, during a White House meeting :

” why should we accept immigrants from “shithole countries” rather than from places like Norway,”

he was directly echoing the latinized vision of the world as formulated in MacKinder’s theory and later translated in Wolfowitz’s Doctrine and Brezinski’s “Grand Chessboard” strategy. When Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has declared earlier last year :“I shall return to a moderate Islam”, not only was he admitting Saudi Arabia’s political agenda which includes terrorism as a means of increasing its ideological influence on the “Ummah”, but he was also acknowledging his military subordination to WASP-Jewish zionism. Now that he has authorized an IPO on 5% of ARAMCO [SA’s petroleum] to the NYSE, with Goldman Sachs and Citigroup at the head of the executive board, ambiguities amid financial subordination have vanished. Full-out wars and Saudi Arabia are two factors which allow the US Dollar a life entension vs China’s raising Yuan-oil currency. The only difference? The Yuan-oil is convertible in Gold. To comment on WASP-Jewish zionist-led strong hold on the international private financing system and institutions appears a redundant activity. The reality speaks for itself. Instead, let us focus on Afghanistan as a symbolic figure of an appalling strategy.


A brief context:


Afghanistan is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia. It has a population of approximately 32 million, making it the 42nd most populous country in the world. It is bordered by Pakistan in the South and East; Iran in the West; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan in the North; and China in the far Northeast. Its ground territory covers 652,000 km2 (252,000 sq mi) which makes it the 41st largest country in the world.

Central asia

Ethnical structure:

In Afghanistan, the major ethnic groups are Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Baloch, Turkmen, Nuristani, Pamiri, Arab, Gujar, Brahui, Qizilbash, Aimaq, and Pashai


Religious structure:

Although Sunni Muslim values and faith are predominant, Afghan identity is fractured along tribal and ethnical lines. After an era of modernization under the monarchist rule of king Mohammed Zahir Shah (1933-1973), the wish of establishing a republic [1973 coup] and a Socialist coup in 1978 opened the way to Democracy; had the Cerberus twisted plan not interfered with a view to dragging the Soviet Union into a war it did not want.

Afghan Girls

Indeed, from 1973 to 1978, the country experienced forced secularization that provoked the religious anger of so-called Taliban; the “Mudjahedeen” who would later join foreign Sunni terrorists during a 9 year-conflict [1979-1988]. Mostly originated from Sunni monarchism [MENA (Middle East and North Africa)] eager to crush any form of secularism or of Muslim republicanism, these Sunni terror cells would be US-relocated and armed in Pakistan to further infiltration into Afghanistan. In other words, the Cerberus has trapped the Agfhan sovereign nation, contrary to the idotic and false flag that the population was oppressed under the Soviet era. In the aftermath of this calamitous tragedy, a Civil War destroyed all the premises for modernization and returned country to pre-modern stage.


The word Taliban is Pashto, طالبان ṭālibān ;  the plural form of ṭālib. This is a loanword from Arabic طالب ṭālib quite interestingly using the Persian plural ending -ān ان.  Literally, the term refers to a person in search of knowledge. (ie  students who often happen to study in deeni madaris (religious institutions). Even more interestingly, Deeni madaris find their roots into the old indian madrassa educational system. Some of these led to the creation of religious groups which adopted a rigid attitude towards the implementation and the understanding of what they were taught to be “the Islamic values”.  Quite a few minds were brainwashed by leaders who, more than often, were sent and financed by Sunni Gulf monarchism on purpose. The goal of developing a messianic spirit of Islam, and an intolerant and obscurantist approach of others’ points of view quite conveniently produced fanatics who were later recruited by western powers for trans-territorial missions ; the first of which occurred to be terrorrism. Taliban speak Pachto (same ethnic group as Patchtun).


First answer is that it exploits regional dissenssions to the fullest. For instance, over the past fifteen years, the Cerberus has turned a bind eye or most accurately, it has financed and supported Taliban’s opening of thousands of Quranic madrassas which have now expanded to non- Paschtun northern regions (ie Kunduz, Mazar-e-sharif) and also as far as most eastern provinces.


Border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is mostly un-guarded and is populated by the same Pashtun tribes. This situation creates opportunities for US trained, armed and relocated terror groups’ infiltration. Also known as the Durand line, this border was artificially established in 1893 by agreement between Sir Mortimer Durand, a British diplomat and civil servant of British India, and Abdur Rahman Khan, the Afghan Emir. In this aftermath of this agreement, the frontier territories of Afghanistan populated by Pashtun tribes were seceded to British India and later became a part of Pakistan.[British “de-colonization” of India in 1947].

Afghanistan-Duran Line

A first issue is that the US-led puppet Government of Afghanistan conveniently refuses to recognize the Durand Line as the international border between the two countries. Hence, in exposing it as a de-facto border, Pashto nationalists claim that the Pashto territories of Pakistan beyond the Durand Line rightly belong to Afghanistan.

A second issue involving Pakistan and India relates to northern territorries where some Taliban are settled as part of historic Afghanistan but which are administrated by Pakistan, while also being claimed by India. In short, before leaving Central Asia, the British Empire has made sure that continuous clashes along ethnic and sectarian lines would prevent a unification of this part of the Rimland with further geographical and economic integration into a powerful Eurasian Heartland. After the Soviet Union’s retreat in 1988, the continuous dissemination and financial support of sunni monarchy-led fanatic preachers has only worsened the situation. Never has Saudi Arabian Osama Bin Laden popped up out of the blue in Agfhanistan. In 2001, the perpetrators of the 9/11 were Saudis or from Saudi-Arabia-led islamic monarchism.

“The September 11th attacks were intended to cover-up the clearing of the 1991 issuance of $240 billion in covert securities to fund an economic war against the Soviet Union during which “unknown” western investors bought up much of the Soviet industry. A crime presented by official sources as a “terrorist attack” and used as an excuse to attack Iraq.) Initially the official designation of “terrorist attacks” made it difficult to discern a pattern. However if the destruction of the World Trade Centre, a segment of the Pentagon, four commercial aircraft and the loss of 2,993 lives is not considered as a “terrorist attack” but rather as a crime with specific objectives, there is a compelling logic to the pattern of destruction, not only of the buildings but of specific offices within each building”.

Please,read full Wikileaks release

Seventeen years later, my former friends are my new foes ?

In June 2017- and in full contradiction with his campaign promises-Trump decided an additional 4,000 U.S. soldiers’s deployment in Afghanistan. “The update figure” should be kept secret. Why? The official reason for this move stated the U.S. mission to further train Afghani military in order to counter an increasingly successful and popular Taliban force. In December the same year, the Pentagon was engaged in a massive air campaign it declared was “aimed at destroying the Taliban drug labs”, adding that the Pakistani ISI Intelligence service was helping the Taliban pass opium from Afghanistan into India’s Punjab province in attempts to “drug-addicting a young indian regional population”. The factuality and logical reasoning prove otherwise. Actually, the US-puppet Afghani governement has a very short range area of support, whereas the Taliban have gained an ever growing influence, thanks to the Cerberus. CIA-trained and U.S.-relocated DAESH (ISIS-ISIL) cells in Afghanistan as well as al-Qaeda-associated Haqqani and other terrorist groups complete this smuggling drug mission with a view to deteriorating diplomatic and economic relationships between Pakistan and India, but also between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The British Empire used similar methods on China in the 19th century. [see opium wars]. It is almost redundant to mention that since the United States first invaded Afghanistan in 2001, production and exportations of opium worldwide have dramatically increased.

On January the 1st 2018, US President Trump twitted: “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools…They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”

A National Security Council officer further stated:” The White House does not plan to send $255 million in aid to Pakistan at this time”. In August, the Administration had said it was delaying the payment.

Pakistan’s foreign minister, Khawaja M. Asif replied on Twitter “We will respond to President Trump’s tweet shortly inshallah…Will let the world know the truth..difference between facts & fiction.”

The Pakistan aid cut may involve two billion worth of equipment and coalition support funding. Administration sources stated that, “all options are on the table” including stripping Pakistan of its status as a “major non-NATO ally” or calling in vital IMF loans.

As a direct and most wished consequence of the US pressure, the Pakistani government has not automatically renewed for a full-year refugee status for as many as 1.4 million Afghan refugees. Instead, they are expected to return to Afghanistan by the end of January 2018 ; to a country where US bombings have escalated threefold, creating a de facto new destabilization across all Afghanistan and beyond.

Then what’s the core of the Cerberus’ plan.Two levels have to be analyzed. One is on the regional front. The wider geopolitical scope is the second.


The Cerberus uninterrupted and illegal presence in Afghanistan and its new aggressivity against Pakistan has very little, if anything, to do with restoring a functioning “democratic” government in Kabul or stabilizing Pakistan. As extensively commented,  the CIA Operation Cyclone, using Mujahideen mercenaries it trained and armed in a costly ten year war was part of a much bolder strategy.

The true aim admits a direct undeclared war against the growing influence of China, in cooperation in part with Russia in attempts to stabilizing the region for further economic integration into the game-changing Belt, Road Initiative ; a win-win partnership between regional powers into China’s multi-trillion dollar rail and deep water port infrastructure network. Accordingly, Afghanistan was offered a participation into the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) part of the BRI (Belt and Road Initative). China’s motivations are both economic as well as strategic, as it tries to control terrorist groups among China’s Uighur Muslims from China’s Xinjiang province being CIA-trained but also Taliban-indoctrinated and trained in Afghanistan. In other words, while the U.S. pours relocated and trained terrorists on Afghanistan and provides local rebel groups with weapons, logistics and military information supports, Saudi Arabia finances Taliban for further breeding ground for radical sunni Muslim terrorism inside China via Muslim Xinjiang province, as well as inside India and as far as inside Russia via its southern Sunni Muslim neighboring countries.

With regards to Afghanistan, alone, and to put it simply yet bluntly, the Cerberus’ top priority was never “to bring democracy” or to “save the women of Afghanistan” but rather to build strong NATO bases deep inside Eurasia to potentially target China, Russia and India. An additional benefit was to encourage the Taliban and others to grow the world’s largest opium crops, exporting the heroin via US military aircraft via Manas Airbase to create serious addiction problems inside Russia and Central Asia. Again, the British Empire’s 19th century technique is still at the heart of the modern Cerberus’ appalling strategy.

Considering China’s new capacity of potentially being able to jeopardize the “latinized” Western world’s financial private banking system as well as its credible ability to supplant the US Dollar’s supremacy in international trade deals by a Gold-convertible currency [Yuan-oil], the sudden “US-NATO troops surge” in Afghanistan coincides with BRICS countries exceptional economic development under China’s dynamic influence.

Late in December 2017,  Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced both China’s and Pakistan’s intention to  include Afghanistan in their estimated $57 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. He publically stated:

“China and Pakistan are willing to look at with Afghanistan, on the basis of win-win, mutually beneficial principles, using an appropriate means to extend the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to Afghanistan.”

For its part, the current government in Kabul is very eager to discuss joining China’s Economic Silk Road project. In October, 2017- Kabul hosted a forum of mayors of cities along the ancient silk road and discussed the opportunities of joining China’s project. Among the ones in discussion between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan can be listed :

  • Trans-Afghan highway to Central Asia from Peshawar, Pakistan;
  • Peshawar-Kabul Motorway;
  • Landi Kotal-Jalalabad Railway;
  • Chaman-Speen Boldak Railway;
  • a hydropower dam on Kunar River;
  • Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan electricity transmission line

These infrastructures, along with the Logar-Torkham Railway line, are to be part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.(CPEC)

At the same time as the U.S. President Trump was tweeting aid cuts to Pakistan for allegedly harboring Taliban from Afghanistan, and at the same time ( January 7th   2018) as Afghan sources were reporting that ISIS had been lately trying to expand into Loghan province  “with the Afghan Army limiting its response to surgical airstrikes”, the Central Bank of Pakistan was announcing that it would permit trade settlement with China, its largest trade partner, in Chinese yuan or in other words, this is another blow to the domination of the U.S. Dollar.

Furthermore, the Pakistani government reacted to Washington by suspending all military and intelligence cooperation, according to the Pakistani Defense Minister.

Other building infrastructures involve Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and potentially Turkey to China, Russia, select EU economies to create entire new markets and industries. By contrast, what has Washington to offer, except more chaos and much-planned destructions. Besides, Pakistan’s governement is well aware that the Cerberus tries hard to destabilize its southern Baluchistan’s province with a view to penetrating Iran’s Sistran Province. It is more that likely that it shall orchestrate as many sabotages as possible along the BRI and espececially around Pakistan’s Gwadar terminal port. A paper published in 2006 by the Strategic Studies Institute titled, “String of Pearls: Meeting the Challenge of China’s Rising Power across the Asian Littoral.” identified Gwadar by name as one of several components of China’s “String of Pearls.”

The report states explicitly, in regards to a possible “hard approach” toward Beijing, that:

There are no guarantees that China will respond favorably to any U.S. strategy, and prudence may suggest to “prepare for the worst” and that it is “better to be safe than sorry.” Is it perhaps better to take a hard line towards China and contain it while it is still relatively weak? Is now the time to keep China down before she can make a bid for regional hegemony? Foreign policy realists, citing history and political theory, argue that inevitably China will challenge American primacy and that it is a question of “when” and not “if” the U.S.-China relationship will become adversial or worse.

Indeed, railways and motorways networks joining landlocked regional countries to Gwadar’s port could create wonderful opportunities for new markets to develop, as China plans a maritime route linking Gwadar to African ports. At the same time, Gwadar shall be integrated into an alternative maritime route stopping at Indian port [should India be wise enough not to shift towards “latinized world’s interests] and in Sri Lanka, then it shall head to Chittagong -Bangladesh, where Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar [BCIM] corridor; a network of roads and railways is currently under construction. Firstly it shall benefit landlocked countries such as Nepal and Bhutan where other infrastructure buildings shall  link to Kunming in China’s Yunnan province, then to Chittagong. Secondly, this alternative itinerary from Gwadar to Kunmin will avoid the Malacca straight, should the Cerberus decide to block  China’s quickest maritime passage to the West.

Back to Central Asia, Pakistan-Baluchistan’s independence would also dash Islamabad’s hopes for the Gwadar port and other related projects. In other words, any chance that Pakistan would become more attractive to the rest of the world would be destroyed. Moreover, as just mentioned, an additional advantage for creating violence in Baluchistan (Pakistan) would fulfill Washington’s long-standing objective to encircle Iran with hostile state and non-state actors ahead of eventual regime change operations against Tehran.


Stability in its regional neighboring is important for Russia. Although Moscow has formulated various diplomatic mechanisms aimed at solving the so-called 17 year-Afghanistan “crisis”, US-NATO troops have increased hostility in Afghanistan against regional powers by blocking upcoming positive integration. Consequently, continuous American attempts to sabotage the peace process have persuaded Russia to come forward and seek alternative solutions. In this respect, President Putin’s envoy for South Asia, Zamir Kabulov proposed a trilateral talk format between Russia, China and Pakistan. Later on, this format was extended to six-party format. Russia has now invited the member states of Collective Security Treaty Organizations (CSTO) which is considered the most powerful military alliance in Central Asia as alternate to NATO. In other words, Russia has taken the whole region on board to seek Eurasian Solution for Afghanistan

As usual and quite predictably, Washington, as one of illegal stakeholder, was also invited on a regional table but turned a contemptuous blind eye. The official reason given was the U.S. laughable vision of another “troop surge” in the heart of Asia. No one needs to be too smart to read into the US plan and it would be clearly interpreted as an international disgrace, should European countries have further participation in this “troop surge”. European citizens may put Germany under close scrutiny on this subject As a result, Moscow has held various Afghan peace conferences in the past months. In western NATO-submitted countries, the level of disinformation echoed by the mainstream media is appalling.

Quite unsurprisingly, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has made allegations that “Russia was engaging directly with the Taliban” and expressed concern over “Russia’s approach” but stopped short of accusing Moscow of supply weapons to the group. NATO Allied Command Operations Curtis Scaparrotti later went as far as claiming “arms supplies were taking place”.

In response, Russian envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko has expressed outrage at Mattis’ and Scaparrotti’s absurd allegations, while Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov then stressed the importance of Kabul’s engagement directly with the Taliban.

US-corrupted Kabul’s government has pretended it has been looking for a peace deal with the Taliban as the group gained strength and began to overrun large parts of Afghanistan over 2015 and 2016. Previous attempts were abandoned after the death of Taliban leader Akhtar Mansour in a US drone strike in neighboring Pakistan.

Victory over Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria has granted Russia with an undisputable internataional reputation of sincere efficiency in its determination to defeat Cerberus-fed terrorism as well as in its fight against local terrorist pockets with autonomous agendas. As a result of its effort, it has earned respect and a leading position in helping the Muslim world to overcome the radicalization of Islam, whether or not backed and used by the Cerberus in various existing or emerging  conflicts.


Being the Russian ambassador in Kabul, Kremlin high-rank diplomat Zamir Kabulov has voiced to assist Taliban against foreign fighters only after he has closely observed the US dirty trick played against the region’s stability over a long period. Accordingly, he has formulated the quite sensible wish that the US and NATO forces withdraw from Afghanistan where they should have never been allowed to show up in the first place, according to the International law.

The Taliban increasingly perceive Daesh as a rival group supported by the US/NATO. The former foe during the 1979-1988 conflict might then turn out to be today’s best partner.


Prior peace process attempts have been held by Washington itself with the participation of China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Taliban. However, when the US noticed that China was taking advantages of these talks for its Afghanistan’s Silk Road vision, the option to sabotage the peace process by killing the Taliban Chief on Pakistan’s soil, near Iran’s border, was chosen.

Moscow is very much aware that Washington will try its best to derail Russia-organized peace process. Under such irresponsible circumstances, precautions and preemptive measures to save Afghanistan must be taken. A workable solution without Washington presence is undeniable. To convince the entire region of the benefits that a stabilized situation should provide in terms of economic growth and peaceful regional relationships, a bridge of confidence between the Taliban and the Afghan government must be built as the foundation for a mutual mechanism against the emerging threat of Daesh.

In refusing to attend Russia’s peace process, the Cerberus has quite imprudently admitted Afghanistan as a vassal country to encircle Russia, China and to potentially destabilize or even invade Iran while its strategy of isolating it from Iraq and Syria as far as Lebanon has failed. As of now, so has failed the Cerberus’ attempts to kill so-called Iran Nuclear deal (see JCPOA). If Europe wants to have an increasing role to play in a Multi polar world and in global affairs, it has now become crucial that it departs from its own vassal status and from its “latinized” dominating spirit. As the leader of the European “Greek spirit” inheritage, Russia and Moscow-led peace initiatives appear the smart move that the European Union should closely consider to actually make. Does it have enough power to do so? The power is like Freedom. Sometimes you dont have it ; you just go and get it. To play on multiple boards may be shrewd in short sighted formats. However, so have collapsed once glorious Empires, all throughout history.

Most Afghans have the view that only the Taliban can save them from the threat of Daesh. Furthermore, it is true that the Taliban have the actual shadow government in Afghanistan. This is also true that Russia has certain diplomatic relationships with Kabul’s government and that it can also enter into direct talks with the Taliban at some point, and if relevant to forge a workable joint mechanism including all parties. To keep the pressure on Washington for accepting the possible Moscow–led solution is a fundamental role for the international community. Under the international Law, no country is entitled to annex another sovereign nation on most questionable basis and for an unlimited period of time. Or, is it the end of the Westphalian order ? Have we entered the spin grey lawless zone of chaos and destruction that a collapsing rogue empire is able to create before it is swept away, like bad memories are, in time? Indeed, Russia and China are now strong enough to mobilize indoctrinated “latinized” numb crowds. Their weight in the world’s economy can now authorize them to mobilize international institutions and organizations. Afghanistan is not lost forever, should an internationalization of the problem be addressed as a crucial part of the world’s stability.

The idea of presenting Russia as a neutral intermediary to facilitate indirect talks between both Kabul and the Taliban can reflect in what has been archieved in the context of  the Tripartite of Russia, Iran, and Turkey pioneered in Astana, which has further led to tangible progress in installing de-escalation zones in Syria and room enough to engage in a political solution rather than “a troop surge”, although this second option was very seriously wished by the Cerberus.

With regards to Afghanistan, Russia’s effort in involving up to twelve separate participants around the negotiating table, the purpose for a broad internationalization is to find some areas of convergence between the most directly involved foreign stakeholders in order to then create the conditions for the internal players to find common ground. Exactly on the same model as it has been the fight against Daesh in Syria, so is it the exact same purpose for Afghanistan.

In this context, and should the war on terrorism be the true motive, then Russia’s contribution and leading role in this new format aims at gathering all the divergent sides together and at encouraging both seemingly intractable parties to put aside their differences, so that a practical cooperative solution can be achieved as part of the larger fight against terrorism. If Moscow has managed to bring over to the same table Turkey and Iran, then in applying the experiences  learned from Astana, Russia appears the most credible neutral player capable of bringing the same with Pakistan & India in Afghanistan, for example.

Furthermore, in the same way that Moscow succeeded in fostering a certain degree of diplomatic ties and trust with a few members among Syria’s so-called “moderate rebel opposition”, by analogy applied to the Afghan context, Russian special envoy to Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov’s public and pragmatic statements about the Taliban and Moscow’s rapprochement with Islamabad seem to have earned it a certain reputation of responsible goodwill among this group which could further translate into them putting confidence in Russia enough to participate in Moscow-mediated talks sometime, in the very next future. Due to the strong Cerberus’ influence on the Afghan government, the main difficulty or challenge is to getting it to favourably welcome an invitation.

A manichean vision such as the one that the Cerberus always disseminates to cover up its despicable misconducts might result in attempts to presenting all the Taliban as “bad terrorists” instead of privileging the distinction between  the “good” anti-Daesh Taliban and the “bad” terrorist Taliban ; similar to how Jaysh al-Islam participates in Astana in spite of its well-known previous track record.

The difference, however, is that Moscow has influence over Damascus and the Syrian government, whereas it has very little leverage to encourage Kabul’s government to participate in Russia-led talks. Therefore, the international community is putting its faith into humanistic Unions such as the E.U. or into countries such as France, as part of its effort to fight against terrorism as well as to curb the immigration crisis in Europe, should Germany agree to stop its support to NATO in Afghanistan. China may also help Europe in understanding where its own interests are, as the U.S. is also trying to undermine this process in other direct and indirect ways.

About the indirect methods can be referenced the fake news that it’s spreading about Russia’s ties with the Taliban, without explaining the whole inner logics. Actually, President Trump and the Cerberus’ war-machine might even make matters worse by emboldening Kabul to step up its attacks against the Taliban and therefore undermine Russia’s incipient peace process efforts. Meanwhile, the main factor which Kabul and the Taliban share in common is their fight against Daesh. It should therefore be the only fulcrum upon which any further positive and long-lasting regional stabilization can be implemented.

Accordingly, zones of control could unofficially be delineated and this could set the foundation for a ceasefire and the path to a political settlement, though naturally, both sides would first have to recognize one another. Needless to say that for the success of such solution, the refusal to sympathize with some among the “Good Taliban” is utterly detrimental to any sustainable peace process. Needless to say that  the Cerberus shall do anything it take to disseminate its manichean narrative. However, the U.S. has admitted a so-called “moderate opposition” in Syria which partly was a constellation of terrorist cells including Al-Qaeda Jahbat al-nusra and ISIS.

Washington’s interests are clear – it wants to prolong its ultra-strategic presence at the crossroads of South, West, and Central Asia; undermine any peace process which it doesn’t have full control over; and show that it is “hard” on Russia and “terrorism”. This recurring “western Cow-boy” attitude had so far been able to cover the Cerberus from the international opinion’s awakening. Not anymore.

Either way, somehow or another, Kabul needs to recognize the pragmatism and inevitability of talking with the Taliban, and this should prompt the Taliban to accept the same when it comes to Kabul. The fight against a global evil that directly afflicts them both should be the most powerful ground for meeting each other halfway. A third Afghan lost generation must not be raised under terror, bombs and an international disgrace.


A passage to India

To finish this article, I have earlier mentioned of a wider scope. Now that the Middle-Eastern Grand Strategy has switched to the political arena, an obvious goal for the Cerberus is to somehow manage to force India into an unconditional rally to its side. A geostrategic reconfiguration including India could squeeze China into a quadrangle formed of India/South Korea/Japan/Australia and, in turn, it may push China towards more aggressive moves. Does the world wish for such outcome?

Therefore and also for other reasons that I shall not comment hereby, India has increasingly become an ardantly wooed country.  If it plays shrewd, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be holding in his own hands the best irony in modern history. He may take a substantial role in reversing the “latinized” world’s supremacy.

The whole world is watching; More than a half of it is praying.

©Mylene Doublet O’Kane, 14 Jan 2018

MD O’Kane is an Israeli French teacher, a postgraduate in Philosophy, in History of ideas and an independent analyst in geopolitics.
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