|By Mylene Doublet O’Kane – UTC+1

|MD O’Kane is an Israeli French teacher, a postgraduate in Philosophy, in History of ideas and an independent analyst in geopolitics.

The geopolitical dynamics of a new Cold War have recently witnessed the three muses of the Latinized Anglozionist Hegemom and ‘former’ colonialist triangle hasten on their Syrian prey while disregarding the principles, spirit and strict rules of international law. Doing so, they have revealed to the world their true exceptionalist unipolar nature and at the same time, the extent of their fading glory. 71 out of 103 “new, nice and smart missiles” were shot down by a country that was born from their own greediness at the beginning of the past century which, however, is this time determined to defend its national sovereignty, own wealth, Arab nationalism and secular political structure not the least after a 8-year unsucessful crusade launched by the most devastating alliance formed with Saudi Arabia’s absolutist monarchism and GCC-funded supreme weapon known as convenient relocation of Islamic terrorism.

Put it different, beyond a regrettable show of ultimate totalitarianism that rather proved a quiet admission of ultimate weakness, France, the U.K and the U.S- joint rogue behaviour has offered a failed attempt to sink the world into a post-evidence, post-democracy and post-irony era almost comparable to latinized Middle-ages’ obscurantism despite French President Macron’s sophistrical effort to promote it as “a New Multilateral Order”.

There was never a gas attack in #Douma on April 7, 2018. Bashar Al Assad did not gas his own population, not this time, not in Apr 2017, not in the summer 2013 as Carla del Ponte, a leading UN investigator of the Syrian conflict, publicly admitted three weeks ago. Decent scientists have now collected enough converging scientific documentation on the subject including from the very Bostonian MIT to secure this conclusion. Furthermore, witnesses of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, including 11-year-old Hassan Diab and hospital staff traveled to La Hague on Ap 26 2018 and clearly stated that the White Helmets video was used as a pretext for a US-led strike on Syria ; an occurrence that was, in fact, staged.

“We were at the basement and we heard people shouting that we needed to go to a hospital. We went through a tunnel. At the hospital they started pouring cold water on me,” the boy told the press conference, gathered by Russia’s mission at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague.

In a so called “Free and democratic world”, this mystification should have enjoyed a wide media coverage and should have been exposed for what it is in the guise of defending  the human rights and the right of the people to self-determination. To the latinized Anglozionist  hegemon, these concepts are nothing more than “moral screens” which poorly conceal the continuation of ultimate imperialism by other means.

                                      BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS BUT NO TOTAL VICTORY

This being clearly stated, I am often asked about my take on the probable Syrian outcome.  Here, one must be realistic. While Syrian troops (SAA) bravely carry on their liberation campaigns of Damascus’ suburbs and other  regions from radical militants with the advising support of Iranian IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) and Shia militia detachments, it is however only safe to say that it is “highly unlikely” that Bashar Al Assad is going to recover full sovereignty over Syria’s former territory.

SYRIA Foreign forces

From a realistic standpoint, the Anglozionist Hegemon (Washington, London, Paris, Tlv) has been engaged in talks with Kurdish-led SDF forces that it has been sponsoring for quite a while now with a view to recognizing the SDF as a governmental power in U.S/IL-FR occupied territory stretching in North central/Eastern Syria (Yellow zone on map). This pretext shall give the Anglozionist Hegemon a “lead from behind” legal and moral legitimacy for a military occupation- ultimately exerted by the regional Hegemon (IL/Saudi Arabia-led GCC- Arab legion). This configuration is quite ironically very similar to that of 1917, when both Arab and Jewish legions were finally integrated into the British Empire’s expeditionary force which, under the command of General Edmond Allenby who was a devoted Christian and Bible reader on a daily basis, liberated Jerusalem and defeated the Ottoman Empire in Damas at the turn of October  1918. Meanwhile, the vestige of this fallen Empire, namely Neo-Ottoman Turkey, is aimed to write a different scenario a hundred years later.

In this respect, the Turkish “operation Olive branch” (Jan 20, 2018) was a sensationalist rather than unexpected signal that would pave a way that was already but covertly initiated since 2015 to proactively engage in the formation of local self-governed bodies in the territories that Ankara currently occupies in North western Syria. To briefly comment on that aspect of the war, the Turkish troops joined together with forces from the opposition Free Syrian Army  (FSA), and launched a vast military operation in Afrin’s region in order to “clear” Turkey’s border with Syria of the “terrorist” threat. As a reminder, Turkey considers the PYD, a Kurdish political party in northern Syria, and the YPG militia to be linked to the Turkish-based Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), listed as a terrorist organization by Ankara. Damascus has condemned the operation as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty which, actually, falls in line with each global player’s ambition to take the more bites of the cake as they can from the Syrian Sovereign State.

Countless US-NATO/GCC/IL-backed terror cells are reported to be smuggled through the US-IL-controlled zone at Jordan-Syria border. Jordan welcomes a strategic US-NATO-GCC-IL operational command and also several CIA camps spread all across the Middle EastUS Bases worldwide, where fresh Jihadi recruits receive training to new fighting techniques and the utilization of the latest weaponry including chemical weapons. In this war, the definition of who is a “terrorist” is only your guess, as the notion fluctuates to best fit the Cerberus’ insatiable greediness in all arenas (Anglozionist/Saudi Arabia-led GCC/IL). The bitter reality objectifies that most, if not all “moderate rebel” groups [outright terrorists] a number of whom have been promoted representatives of the Syrian democratic opposition are financed, armed, nursed and backed by US-NATO/GCC/IL forces which does not mean that local hired recruits do not pursue personal agendas or that civilians are not starved to death inside US-IL controlled “refugee” camps scattered in Eastern Syria until they accept to serve as new terror cannon fodder or that civilian populations do not serve as human shields to feed Anglozionist-owned western media sensationalist multi channels firehose of falsehood and US’ client states’ governmental narratives. The more Syria shall be partitioned – the more fragmented into weak opposing micro-nationalities – the best for the latinized and timeless “divide and conquer” rule.

Despite the fact that their organizational structure and local alliances are far more complex than those formed by the SDF and the Anglozionist-led coalition, Turkey has adopted a similar process of apparent “legality” with Ankara expected to justify its military presence “at the request” of legitimate governmental authorities (FSA) in the border areas with Turkey (Afrin/part of North western green area on map). At the same time, Turkey is participating into so-called Astana format with Iran and Russia, while the Anglozionist Hegemon’s attempt to engineer a UN-supervised committee [packed with former rebels] now reputable ‘representatives of the Syrian democratic oppostion’ aimed to rewrite the Syrian constitution is the most characterized effort to legally formalize the balkanization of the whole region along religious, ethnic and sectarian lines.

On a broader scale, Turkey’s “balancing” approach confirms its geopolitical positioning on what we could describe as a Neo-Realist “XIXth Century Great Power Chessboard” where the remnants of the former Ottoman Empire oscillate between the Latinized Anglozionist Hegemon and multipolar blocks competing with one another for Turkey’s best loyalty. Let’s just mention that Turkey enjoys a pivotal role for Europe, both on energy  and civilizational fronts. A part of the US ill-concocted “Regime change” in Ukraine in 2014 was linked to Washington’s desire to jeopardize Russia’s gas supply to Europe through Soviet-era built pipelines partially running through Ukraine with a view to imposing to Europe contracts on U.S’ LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) at a prohibitive price due to transformation and transportation costs; a reality which would have damaged European private investors’ interests in the sector.


At the same time, one of the economic reasons why US-NATO/GCC/IL orchestrated a failed regime change in Syria in 2011 is closely related to Bashar Al Assad’s refusal as soon as 2009 to allow a pipeline running from Qatar-Saudi Arabia-Syria (as transiting territory)-Turkey-Europe, while the Syrian President gave a priority to its direct infrastructure counterpart ; the planned Russian built pipeline running from Iran-Iraq-Syria- Turkey -Europe.

Interestingly enough, the current occupation of Syria by foreign powers emphasizes on economic and geopolitical dimensions. Two of the most important oil markets are located in the Syrian cities of Manbij (US-French control) and al-Bab, both cities are located in the Governorate of Aleppo (US-NATO). Through the territories of the two cities runs a major pipeline which transports oil from Iraq to Syria, up to Idlib Governorate (US-NATO/GCC-backed rebel haven). The same pipeline runs through the territory of the city of Aleppo. hence, whoever takes Manbij take control of the oil transportation in Syria.

Past the Euphrates river towards Eastern border with iraq, the same pipeline runs through the cities of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor (US-NATO-IL).The oil flowing through the pipeline comes from the Iraqi city of Mosul through Sinjar on to Deir ez-Zor. Its second strand runs from the Iraqi city of al-Qaim to Deir ez-Zor. As of today, Turkey has had no access to the oil pipelines. The French troops deployed earlier last month in the vivinity of Manjib/Aleppo were aimed at making sure that Turkey does not take the cities to avoid that Ankara gets “ful” control access over this crucial part of the Syrian pipeline . As just mentioned and to follow the logics, the battle for Aleppo was decisive in the ongoing conflict as Aleppo is the last major city which the country’s main pipeline runs through. Here again, whoever controls Aleppo, controls the ‘keys’ of the pipeline.

Unsurprisingly enough, the most intensive fights between the warring parties are taking place at the key points of the pipeline, namely Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Aleppo, Idlib, Manbij in Hasakah, al-Bukamal (Iraq-Syria border), Ayn Issa and al-Bab. Similarly, the cities of Homs and Hama are key points. This whole situation has, I am afraid, little to do with “a global war on terrorism” as you can figure out for yourself. Furthermore, the US deployment of military bases are particularly concentrated on the eastern bank of the Euphrates which signals an effort to prevent the construction of pro-Russian pipelines — such as the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline in Eastern Syria. I should also add that there exists another proposed pipeline which is expected to connect Israeli-controlled Golan Heights with Turkey through Syrian Damascus. This element is also a reason why Eastern Ghouta’s region in Damascus’ suburbs was packed with US-NATO/GCC-backed terrorists. The same comment applies for the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk in southern Damascus. The Syrian Army troops and it allies lost several servicemen during fierce hostilities with terrorists. Of course, in the case of the toppling of the Syrian government, Israel would strenghten its positions as a rising gas supplier. Meanwhile, unless the international community (a U.N. resolution) officially recognizes Israel-occupied Golan Heights since 1967 an exclusive property of the State of israel, the country does not bear a legal right for exploiting the energy deposits. Lastly, if we refer to the published reports of the Caucasus Strategic Research Centre (KAFKASSAM) based in Ankara,  the true purpose behind the attempt to set up the so-called “Kurdish corridor” is to transport Kurdish oil and gas from northern Iraq over northern Syria to the Mediterranean Sea.” This analysis is consistent with escalating tensions amid off-shore deposits (Blocks) located in the Mediterranean sea. Territorial disputes are very much expected not only between Lebanon and Israel with regards to the so-called block 9 but also between Turkey and Greece, for that matter.

In other words, the war on Syria was a multi-gain long-planned scenario aimed to kill a horrendous number of doves with one stone.

                                        A FREE KURDISTAN ? PLEASE, ELABORATE


One of the most extraordinary outcomes I was given to closely observe in the wake of the so called 2011 “Color Revolutions/Arab springs” that would fan the flames of “Freedom” across the Middle East was the quite surprising and counter-historical popularity of Neo-Marxism which suddenly passionated the Kurdish militias, twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Armed “Neo-Marxist” Kurdish militias would eventually end up standing on the offensive against the Turkish, the Syrian and the Iranian governments, all the same united in anger, though for alleged own distinct “reasons”. For obvious geopolitcal logics, it took me very little time to discover that their “spontaneous” motivations were actually very much related and US-coordinated into a plan for a “grand chessboard” reconfiguration and reinvigoration of the Middle Eastern powder keg.

Turkey and Syria

Before any elaboration on the Kurdish neo-marxism of the Syrian PYD which has vehemently advocated for a separatist option very soon into the conflict, one may be interested in looking at its manifesto :

Foundations Of The Democratic Solution

The Democratic Self-Administration is the tangible expression of the democratic solution in the context of solving all ethnic issues, including the Kurdish issue. The traditional approach was to try to get a share in the Syrian state, or form semi-independent ethnic states, or create a federal state or confederation. However, the first demand of a democratic Syria is that it recognize the rights of all ethnic and religious groups to manage themselves according to their own free will, and to put no obstacles on the path of becoming a national democratic society. It must affirm the democratic the right of peoples to self-determination. Democracy and the state can play their roles under the same political roof, and the democratic constitution sets the boundaries between their spheres of influence.”

The French Constitution would shake on its own foundations and it is quite amusing to hear the current French president Macron vocally advocate for independant ethnic states, federations or confederations whereas France has no state religion and makes no discrimination between any of its citizens. France exclusively recognizes the French national community ; an indivisible body into which resides the Dominium eminens. This is through these kind of details that you can apprehend the contradiction between the narrative claiming the sovereignty of the state and the secret ambition of partitioning nations into a collection of micro-communities, regions etc, as it is the case within the European Union and beyond.

To provide a brief context, the PYD is a political and ethnic extremist organization which attempts to encapsulate Marxist thought with a view to imposing a “democratic(!) confederalism” in Syria which essentially develop the most basic anarchism aimed to  dissolve “the State” through the a series of identity-based townships or counties. It is an open secret that this movement has close links with the Turkish PKK and that both  entities try to intellectualize their claims around the late American Marxist Murray Bookchin who happened to have abundanty written about the notion of “decentralization”. However, a decentralization based upon racist values can hardly fit into the definition of “democracy”.

I could arguably rather easily draw strong common lines with fundamentalist Marxists also called “Secular Wahhabis” who envision the eradication of  “the State” only to replace it by alternative non governmental structures. The risk of sinking into deeper Nazi attitudes towards the otherness living outside of the “chosen community” then becomes, I am afraid, maximum,. Furthermore, this self-identification to “Marxism” rather appears as a poor comprehension of what Marxism is. At no time could it ever be based upon identity distinctions. There seems to be a major confusion about what is historic materialism which is the endless struggle between two classes and their relationship amid the production, not between identities. As an overall,  should the Anglozionist hegemon look forward to durably escalating clashes upon ethnic lines in the Middle East, it would definitely opt for such “elitist emancipation”. This ideological scheme directly generates a racist micro-nationality.

Iraq and Iran

So-called “Neo-Marxist’ influence happens to also be active on Kurdish militant groups living in Iraq and Iran. On the one hand, the allied “Patriotic Union of Kurdistan” (PUK) and Gorran opposition parties located in northern Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government  both declare a leftist political vision and a close relation with the Turkish-based PKK. On the other hand, the leader of  the “Kurdish Democratic Party” (KPD), Barzani, firmly opposes to the PKK and to Marxism. In this respect, he is quite popular in Turkey  even though it regularly threatens to pursue ‘independence’.

Interestingly enough, Iran is friendly aligned with PUK and Gorran regardless of their relations to the Turkish PKK. This situation may, to some extent, be explained by Tehran’s moderate position amid these groups’ hesitancy to seek an ‘independent’ Iraqi Kurdistan in the foreseeable future. Another angle may also signal that  Iran is engaged in a gentle proxy war with Turkey for regional influence but more significantly for pipelines problematics in the Kurdish Regional Government.

The almost entirety of the Iraqi Kurdish groups and their militias are in support of “federalism” or a ” separatist” option to varying degrees. In the overall, they are friendly to the Anglozionist hegemon with the KPD obviously much more in both cases than PUK and Gorran. However, they cannot necessarily be described as identity-based “Neo-Marxist” which partially explain their receding connections to the troublesome Kurdish organizations in Syria and Turkey.

                                                           TEL-AVIV- TEHRAN  

Amidst this complex intra-Iraqi Kurd relationship, the pro-‘Israeli’ and ‘socialist’ “Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran” (KDPI) is a terrorist organization that has found shelter in northern Iraq before starting to periodically launch cross-border attacks against the Iranian border forces. This group is affiliated to the “Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran” (CNFI), a questionable group composed of various ethno-religious minorities whose political ambitions are quite similar to those of the PYD and PKK, identity-based “federalism” – in other words, to multiple racist micro-hegemons which would conveniently partition sovereign territories to which they belong in full rights.


Federalism is a mode of political organization. However, the “democratic confederalism” advocated by the PYD (Syria), the PKK (Turkey) and the CNFI (Iran) is an Identity-based Federalism which, as mentioned earlier, develop radical ideas quite  recklessly described as Cultural Marxism despite the fact that Marxism has nothing to do with identity-based problematics. Marxism isn’t what may have written Trotsky although he was, himself, obsessed with internationalism. An identity-based model of society can only be calamitous for the National identity and therefore, for the wealth of a nation which resides in the indivisible body of the national community. Once partitioned, micro-nationalities are in no position to compete with a bullying Anglozionist hegemon that has proved its totalizing vision over the past centuries through the worst possible crimes. To the regional level, Iran (1953), Iraq (2003) and currently Syria are horrendous examples enough to engage the Kurds towards a deeper level of geopolitical understanding.

Separate from the Syrian-Turkish-Iranian sphere of Kurdish “Neo-Marxist” militant groups but fighting for similar radical ideologies in Iran is the “People’s Mujahedeen of Iran” (MEK), an extremely violent terrorist organization which was delisted a few years ago by the US State Department, as Washington found in this brutal Nazi force “a Path to Persia” ( IRAN).  Ever since, the MEK  is presented by the U.S. as a ‘legitimate opposition party’ (despite having killed including Americans in the past). If I can assert something with the strongest terms, it is that this terrorist organization is a pure evil although a questionable Anglozionist lobby financially supports its “regime change” attempts Iran.

The U.S. and the PKK

Although the U.S. officially  mentions the PKK on its list of terrorist organizations, Turkey has directly accused Washington on several occasions of supporting this group through a complex provisioning network both delivering funds, material and weapons assistance to the PYD, quite inevitably implying that Washington conveniently uses the Syrian Kurds as intermediaries. Besides, the failed pro-American coup attempt that occured during the summer of 2016 has greatly chilled the relation between Ankara and Washington while President Erdogan has shifted toward a more balanced geopolitcal approach between great powers, as mentioned earlier.

The Wahhabi-“Neo-Marxist” Geopolitical Converging virus

Although most diplomatic games are done behind the scenes, a transnational political Kurdistan would be highly detrimental to the stability of the Middle East ; a fact that – with the exception of the Saudi/Netanyahu alliance- would also fragilize private investors’ interests in the region. Moreover, the western narrative that pro-Bashar Al Assad Syrians are responsible for ethnic cleansing on the Kurdish population is as laughable as recurring false flag chemical attacks. That doesn’t mean that the Syrian constitution should not be improved. Meanwhile, a community inside a sovereign state that advocates for an independent entity based on racist ambitions is extremely worrisome. Besides, the militant Kurdish organizations mentioned in this article have taken to doing something similar. A “post-state” solution and so-called “Neo-Marxist” ideology of relevant groups cannot fit into a responsible option. As an overall, the dissolution of multiethnic states would only advance what could be called a “second geopolitical Greater Israel”  which falls in line with 1982 Oded Yinon Plan of manufactured state fragmentation all along its Muslim periphery, essentially ensuring that Tel Aviv becomes the undisputed power in the Mideast. This scenario would, however, aggravate the perception that Israel is a “Nazi” expansionist state. The current administration pursues a general policy that one Israeli out of 2 disapproves and which doesn’t match with two crucial factors. First, the demographic forecast. The latest data published last March by the Israeli authorities monitoring the occupied territories suggest that for the first time, the number of Arabs and Jews living on the Israel-controlled land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea reached par, comprising 6,5 million of either group. The birth rate in Palestinian families is considerably higher than that of the Jewish ones. As a direct consequence, if Israel does not find the way to lower unmanageable real estate rental and purchase prices aimed to preserve a bubble market for 12 ultra rich families and foreign investors in the energy and housing sectors, sooner that denials always expect, Arabs are going to comprise the majority of the population. This is how the “ethnic breakdown” and the “essence” of the Jewish state are going to change gradually. This, in its turn, shall translate in the political arena according to the international law with a greater number of  Palestinians elected in Parliament, which hypothetically may reverse the balance of power transiting to the Arab Palestinians in Israel. Rationally speaking, I do not consider that this option can be tolerable for half of the Israeli population. Hence, from a realistic standpoint, the incumbent Israeli leadership is faced with major challenges the first of which is the left wing opposition supporting the realistic option and for some, an inclusive multiethnic model. The second is obviously the unacceptable living conditions for the Palestinian people. Hence, if a significant, or should I say, a historical initiative and final agreement is not reached with the Palestinians on the territorial division, the demographic ticking clock shall be last judge.

“Enlighted Wahhabism” and Anglozionism

I have mentioned Oded Yinon Plan, but the planned geopolitical re-division of the Midlle East is nothing new for American strategists. For instance, former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice first recklessly mentioned the dawn of a “New Middle East” in July 2006 during ‘Israel-Hezbollah war  and just a month prior, retired lieutenant colonel Ralph Peters published his “Blood Bordersblueprint about “how to create a better Middle East. The New York Times followed up with the publication of an extravagant map in September 2013 showing “How 5 Countries Could Become 14”, and Stratfor founder George Friedman released last year his own map highlighting how 17  separate power centers have emerged across what are  5 sovereign countries. While the process of transnational state dissolution was catalyzed by the theater-wide “Arab Spring” Color Revolution events and subsequent dissemination of Daesh, these two US-led events, in turn, created the conditions for the militant revival of “Neo-Marxist” regime change groups such as the MEK and geopolitical revisionist ones such as the PYD.

Pre saudi influence

This signals that Washington now has two powerful tools at its disposal for designing the 21st-century Yinon Plan of the “New Middle East”, with Wahhabis and “Neo-Marxists”, both of which are clearly opposed to one another but nevertheless, serve as complementary instruments of Anglozionist-held unipolar foreign policy. The beginning of the “Balkanization” process, which sought to capitalize on the anti-imperial one that had immediately preceded it (ie. African independences) might finally turn back into the face of the hegemon with unmanageable consequences for the Hegemon during its final collapsing phase.

©Mylene Doublet O’Kane, May 2, 2018.

MD O’Kane is an Israeli French teacher, a postgraduate in Philosophy, in History of ideas and an independent analyst in geopolitics.


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