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TCO – Editorial board’s note : The reader must be aware that French is difficult to translate as the intricacies and nuances of this language are almost unlimited. This is the exact reason why it has been called the Diplomatic language “par Exellence”.

The philosophical level behind “Cambridge Analytica’s” scandal

I have often written that the Latinized Anglozionist exceptionalist Hegemon was at the heart of most of the Evil brought to this earth. It is obvious today. It was obvious a hundred years ago. It was obvious from the moment when Rome and Latinized private interests would unite for the worst possible human outcome. A major mistake often confuses Zionism  with Judaism. When we talk about Zionism, we refer to the Latinized Jewish-Christian ambition of recapturing the borders of biblical Greater Israel; the Kingdom of Israel as extended by the Jewish King David a thousand years BCE. It has therefore nothing to do with either modern Jewish-Russian form of zionism and it is even less an antisemitic comment. Jewish-Russian Zionism initially admitted the emancipation of the Jewish people possibly on the Russian motherland or on any other unoccupied territory. When we talk about the Latinized Anglozionist hegemon, we assert however that this messianic purpose is a farcicial myth for gullible minds. To use a biblical metaphor, it’s been a long time since philosophers realized that instead of fearing the divine eye, this Latinized hegemon has chosen to  worship a golden calf while morally justifying its betrayal for atrocities its commits on a daily basis by “a right to defend itself” against fantasized perils it is widely the only one to create. More seriously, the ultimate goals include the capture the wealth of the many nations and global domination over “a stateless human mass” in the name of a childish primitive sort of myth called the Manifest destinity. Whereas it contains the core roots of  Nazism, it’s been packaged under the guise of Cicero‘s model of pre-Christianized Roman Republic after the Roman stateman and philosopher reviewed both Plato‘s form of ideal Republic and Polybius‘ theory of Anacyclosis.  In a nutshell, Plato, as all Ancient Greek Philosophers strongly opposed Democracy. Plato believed that only Philosophers are wise enough, desinterested enough and intentionally empoverished enough to govern the Polis (the City) along with other spoudaïos paizein [σπουδαῖος παίζειν], namely Judges and units dedicated to the defense of the City. This sort of “Enlightened despotism” would never come to birth as the Patrician oligarchy (aristocraty) rapidly identified the perils for its own survival. Instead, they would ban, defame, slander or force such philosophers to drink the hemlock (Socrates) and utilized Aristotle’s poetic principles to their sole advantage in promoting great demagogues instiling “fear” and “pity”. Quite interestingly enough, the Ancient Greek polytheistic Polybius argued that the three basic forms of temporal power – Monarchy, Aristocracy and Democracy – would in time decay into malignant forms of government : Tyranny, Oligarchy and Ochlocracy (mob rule). To put it succintly, the primitive form of State emerges from Monarchy under the leadership of an influential and wise King. This phase represents the emergence of Kingship. In turn, this political power is passed by hereditary succession to the children of the king who shall abuse their authority to ensure their own continuity and that of the State. This passage hence represents the degeneration of kingship into Tyranny. In reaction, some of the more influential and powerful men of the state shall grow weary of the abuses of tyrants, and shall overthrow them. This moment represents the ascendancy of Aristocracy (as well as the end of the “rule by the one” and the beginning of the “rule by the few”). Just as the descendants of kings, however, political influence will pass to the descendants of the Aristocrats, and these descendants shall begin to abuse their power and influence, as the tyrants before them. This represents the decline of Aristocracy and the beginning of Oligarchy. As Polybius would explain, the People shall, by this stage in the political evolutionary process of the state, decide to take political matters into their own hands. This point in the cycle obviously sees the emergence of “Democracy”, as well as the beginning of “rule by the many”.Meanwhile,  in the same fashion as the descendants of Kings and Aristocrats abused their political status, so too shall create an elistic cast; the descendants of Democrats. Accordingly, Democracy degenerates into Ochlocracy;  literally, “mob-rule”. During Ochlocracy, the People of the state shall become corrupted, shall develop a sense of entitlement and will be conditioned to accept the pandering of demagogues. Eventually, the state shall be engulfed in chaos, and the competing claims of demagogues shall culminate in a single (though sometimes virtuous) demagogue claiming absolute power, bringing the state full-circle back to monarchy.

From this analytical thinking, the Latin Cicero would praise an ideal political form of State government  formed by an equal balancing and blending of monarchy, democracy, and aristocracy. In this “mixed state”, he argued that royalty, the best men, and the common people all should have a role, with Consuls (co-Kings), a Senate (Aristocrats), and Democratic assemblies (Commoners). What is very much silenced though is that Cicero, likewise Plato, insisted that the commonwealth (the wealth of a Sovereign nation) remains at all times, the property of the People who entrusted it to independent Magistrates (Judges) to be used for the common good as it is clearly and legally formulated that the “welfare of the people is the supreme law” [“salus populi suprema lex”, in De legitibus. III.8] ; a reference to a maxim in the ancient ”Twelve Tables“ compendium of Roman law. In other words, Cicero would praise the third branch of power as the exclusive bearer of impartial Justice, equity and the wealth of the Sovereign State. To believe that Capitalism could have ever been compatible with Cicero’s Roman Republic upon which Latinized educated leaders pontificate is beyond ridicule.

Regardless of the forms of State power, whether or not one would wish to consider that “Democracy” is the ultimate regime under which “the welfare of the people is the supreme law” and that the third branch of power (Judicial branch) is truly independent from the executive power – one must face a bitter reality. The cynical genius of the Latinized Anglozionist Hegemon eventually nullified all branches of powers and all squares of hopes that the Welfare of any Sovereign nation is the supreme Law in creating a globally-controlled trade currency backed on thin air. To the one who believed that democracy was the ultimate freedom, what democracy means today is his guess. How does this relate with “Cambrige Analytica” scandal ? What’s the purpose of social media sites? Why the Hegemon won’t be “named and shamed”?

The dark side of the Latinized Hegemon exposed

The scandal broke out on monday March 19th as it was reported that Facebook-CEO Mark Zuckerberg had lost $4.9 Billions and that he had fired Mr. Stamos, his FB Security division’s head of staff. At that time, it was not immediately clear what was going on except that the loss gave a blow to the U.S stock market. Then, a video recording emerged on British Channel 4. On the course of a several months journalistic investigation, the CEO of the data collecting firm “Cambridge Analytica”, Alexander Nix is seen boasting about his capability to employ “Israeli companies” to “gather intelligence on politicians and high profile public figures that the firm is paid to entrap, defame or slander”. Nix then goes on to praise the ability of “Israeli intelligence personnel” in what can only be described as a power sales pitch to a would-be client. The significance of the following video report is of utter importance. Not only does it objectify how private companies are hired by the latinized Anglozionist hegemon to interfere in national elections but more substantially on the ontological level, it clearly states that democracy at the dawn of the third millennium is only, but the exact same sophism for gullible minds as it was twenty five centuries ago. Whereas any other forms of political power are allegedly described as authoritative regimes on the ground of questionable evidence, if at all…. Whereas all concepts are twisted and improperly mixed (ie. Fascism [pride for national identity] conveniently confused with Nazism [arbitrary hierarchy on mankind; the exact definition of Exceptionalism], the first sublime irony is to have to consider that Democracy is still about planting fears and illusions in People’s minds. It is about waving pale shadows which exploit human hopes. The second irony is to have to consider that most dictatorships were/are settled by the Latinized hegemon while the traditional hated rival (Byzantium; the Roman eastern Empire through its modern version, namely Russia) continues to be blamed of all crimes under and above the skies. On the visible political front, the inner function of politicians who can never stop pontificating on Democracy is exclusively dedicated to dividing and entertaining the people so that they can never unite, they can never reach to the truth, they can never seize the heart of the hegemon which pulls the strings from its secret shelters while  sovereign states are partitioned and/or national identites are literally disintegrated. This is what I have called “the theory of the part against the whole“.Aristotle used to say that “when states are governed according to law, there are no demagogues, and the best citizens are securely in the saddle; but where the laws are not sovereign, there you find demagogues”. Then what’s the ruling law in our generation? When a single currency globally controls international transactions, then little needs to be added. Not only does the financial weapon (sanctions) serve to starve sovereign nations into submission but in turn, inside each society, the national three branches of power become irrelevant at best ; obedient and corrupt at worst, regardless of the civilization considered. Therefore, there is no “clash of civilizations” as the Hegemon would love the People to think but rather a financial supreme weapon of mass destruction As a direct consequence, the people lose their sovereign power and common wealth, whereas the ones who control the global currency are this quiet monarchy to which abides an oligarchy (the elite) which in turn shape  “Free” societies, mentalities, institutions and legislations etc. such as their own permanence is  ensured. This is what Etienne De La Boétie, a 16th century French philosopher and a close friend to Michel de Montaigne called “the voluntary servitude”of the elite. A characteristic of the elite is to be expandable. Should they decide not to fall in line with the Hegemon, their personal carrer is over. When philosophers are advocating for a multipolar world with several currencies backed on real goods, they are fighting for the freedom of the Human soul. Thanks to the joint efforts of brave BRICS countries under the impulse of China and Russia, the petroYuan is going to be delivered to the world in Shanghai next monday March 26th with the incommensurable advantage of being convertible into Gold. The petroRubble and Gold-backed cryptocurrencies are also in preparation. The Hegemon and western subservient elite do whatever they can to silence or undermine the quiet revolution. Now, the readership is all set to watch how the Anglozionist Hegemon is taking control over your brain on a daily basis.

Another brick in the wall : Democracy brainwashing

The UK Broadcaster Channel 4 just released a video of Cambridge Analytica’s CEO, Alexander Nix and Managing Director Mark Turnbull in a conversation with an undercover reporter posing as a Sri Lankan businessman pretending to be interested in meddling in domestic elections. Soon into the meeting, Nix boasted of Cambridge Analytica’s history of using entrapment, bribery and intimidation against the political opponents of its wealthy clients. Furthermore, Nix boasted about his firm’s capability to procure prostitutes from Ukraine ; a war-torn country turned into a gigantic corrupt land since the US-NATO-CIA-Mossad conspiracy fomented a coup in Kiev in 2014 for economic and political purposes against Russia. The US wanted to jeopardize EU/Russian Gazprom agreements on energy which were using Soviet-era pipelines and connecting infrastructure based in Ukraine. The second hope was to entrap Vladimir Putin in a war of attrition while reviving the myth of “the Red scare”. As for Europe, the temptation of using Ukrainians as a cheap workforce at Europe’s gates was irresistible. “Cambridge Analytica” obviously offers a vast range of means to entrap adversaries while also procuring the services of “Israeli spies” and other ex-spies or mercenaries as part of dirty smear operations.

These activities are illegal in virtually every country in the world. Meanwhile, the damage is done. The data harvesting firm has admitted it has worked for the Trump campaign. It has also admitted that “Israeli intelligence service” interfers in clean foreign political processes at its request. It has acknowledged violating laws across multiple nations. This poses a major issue. In the United States, presidential candidates are strictly forbidden to seek assistance from any foreign nation whatsoever. Furthermore, it has admitted a role into the campaign which led to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union after a referendum was held on june 23rd, 2016.

A few days ago, whistleblower Christopher Wylie went public about his time working for Cambridge Analytica and more specifically about how the firm illegally obtained the public and private data, including the private messages of 50 million Facebook users. He also exposed how Cambridge Analytica used this data to run highly scientific social manipulation campaigns in order to drastically influence the public in various countries to support a certain political candidate, faction etc. For instance, the company signaled that it has meddled in the last two Kenyan Presidential elections, elections in Nigeria, Czechia, Argentina, Brazil and India. In China, it has also admitted meddling though “not yet” in the political arena. As just mentioned, the firm confessed having meddled in the Brexit campaign but also in UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s recently election and now stands accused of working with the disgraced former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif in an attempt to reverse his judicial ban on holding public office, while helping his PML-N party win the forthcoming general election.

Indeed, even before Cambridge Analytica unintentionally exposed the depth of the Israeli interference in the 2016 US presidential campaign, the Trump campaign’s ties to “Israel” were widely known. They are on the same zionist wavelenght although it is noteworthy that prior to the election, “Israeli” regime prudent leader Benjamin Netanyahu held private meetings with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, when Clinton was not too busy giving private conferences with Goldmann Sacks. In addition, the scandal around ephemerous National Security Advisor to Trump, Michael Flynn, who later declared having acted  on the orders of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, when he held conversations with foreign ambassadors during Trump’s transitional period prior to his inauguration day, including with the then Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak. During his conversation with Kislyak in December of 2016, Flynn lobbied for “Israel” by effectively asking Russia to postpone a UN vote declaring illegal Israeli settlements in Samaria, Judea and East Jerusalem. The U.N Security council ultimately saw Barack Obama’s outgoing administration abstain ; a move which passed the resolution into the international Law. (U.N resolution 2334, Dec 23, 2016).


As of today, It is an established fact that the Trump campaign hired Cambridge Analytica to potentially reach to more US voters through a calculated web based campaign that heavily relied on the stolen personal data of 50 million Facebook users. Furthermore, It has also been established, through the hidden camera admission of Cambridge Analytica’s CEO that the firm uses “Israeli intelligence” as part of its data gathering and data manipulating campaign. Meanwhile, is a presidential candidate responsible for hiring a company which relies on foreign secret service ? Does that necessarily mean that Trump was aware of whom the firm would chose to do the job? Moreover, it is still unclear whether any Israeli Intelligence official either acted in a personal or geopolitical capacity and what exactly was done for the Trump campaign.

Other critical questions are  :

  1. What is the true nature of the relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica?
  2. Isn’t it quite easy to declare being in shock after the plot is discovered?
  3. Is Zuckerberg a pro-Zionist? 
  4. Did Cambridge Analytica procure the services of “Israeli” spies or other organisations directly or indirectly related to the State of Israel, in efforts intentionally aimed to “manipulate” US voters ? If it can be argued that at no time did voters lose their ability to critical thinking, at the same time, the legal case resides in the possibility that a foreign state interfered in a Sovereign state’s election. At the same time, the U.S. has illegally interfered in 81+ foreign elections against all principles and charters of the international Law. Again, democracy is only a sophism.

On a broader spectrum, the people of the many nations of the world are witnessing two regrettable facts. The first one is the confirmation that they are disrespected, used and abused by an hegemon whose sole ambition is to perpetuate its global domination.

  • Is the fact that Facebook’s CEO said yesterday: “It’s our responsability to secure our users’ private data” an easy way out? Is it a lame excuse ?
  • Has Facebook not already collaborated with the Hegemon ? What about western political leaders?
  • As a reminder, in the wage of the French presidential campaign held on April 23,  2017  (1st round) and May 6 (round-off), 30,000 French accounts were temporarily de-activated as soon as the first week of April for the next two weeks. At that time, Facebook first issued a statement stating that the company complied with a European Union’s demand which threatened the firm of financial retaliation on its Europe Dublin-based headquarters. Brussels stated that the decision was part of a joint effort to crack down on “hate comments and pages calling for hate crimes”. Right before the 1st round, Macron claimed that his campaign HQ’s data base was hacked and that it was highly likely that “Russia did it !”. How original. No solid evidence was ever showed. In July, Anglozionist-held Reuters new Agency claimed that “Russian fake profiles and bots tried to influence the French presidential campaign”. The French are still waiting for Solid evidence. The truth ? Zero Hedge let the cat out of the box when it reported that these FB de-activated accounts were either Pro-Marine Le Pen or Anti-Macron.


What the world is witnessing is the western elites from Tel Aviv, London and Washington turning against a single company  in a pityful attempt to save face whereas thousands of Private corporations serve the Hegemon. In France, people are sequestered in complete ignorance or else entertained with clichés worthy of an inconsistent espionnage novel offering a lame “romanticized” shameful version and pathetic analysts’ comments around Nicolas Sarkozy/ Muhammad Gaddafi embroglio from which a Gold-dinar currency and the U.S direct implication are totally wiped out ! If the French want to find out the cold truth about this story, please refer to my article. Many western politicians who themselves have something to hide and who for both personal and financial reasons are on contrasting sides of both the ongoing Brexit debate, as well as debates over Donald Trump’s legitimacy as a US President, are now fighting with each other and may well throw Cambridge Analytica and perhaps Facebook too, under the gilded bus of western elites. Well…not Facebook though to avoid any sane person a switch for its Russian version, VK.com. This spectacle of political cannibalism and/or its fake witch hunt is only exposing what a sophism was all along. Modern Democracy hides an hegemon and its cliques of subservient elites and info-mercenaries like Cambridge Analytica.


Throughout the entire Hegemon’s pyramidal fallout, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has remained above the fray. When Cambridge Analytica contacted Julian Assange some time prior to November 2016, he would categorically refuse to hand over any information to the firm. Now that the scandal is eating the sharks, bite by bite, and one by one, Julian Assange has stated that he agrees to testify before a UK Parliamentary committee regarding the scandal via video link as the Hegemon still hopes to break the modern times’ true hero into submission. This is a waste of time. Unlike failed myths, true Heros live forever. While Assange shall not leave the London-based Ecuadorian Embassy where he’s been locked up with the rest of Human’s freedom over the past 5 years, the many people of the world know exactly where they stand.

“Cambridge Analytica’s CEO, the now infamous Alexander Nix, would personally wrote to Julian Assange asking for direct access to information possessed by Wikileaks. The fact that Julian refused is already enough to prove Julian Assange’s unwavering ethics and humanistic vision of the world. I personnaly believe that he is probably one of the last great western Philosophers, if not the last. In 3 tweets, Julian exposed Facebook, the tech companies, and the Democratic Party. Back to square 1. They all eat in the same hand ; the Latinized Anglozionist Nazi Hegemon. The truth about the 2016 US Presidential campaign is very simple. It has been proven that HRClinton’s campaign colluded with the Ukrainian government, to the very least. This is against the U.S. Laws. If we refer to British Channel 4 journalistic investigation and video document, Cambridge Analytica directly links the Trump Campaign to the Israeli Intelligence service. From there, the fairy tale is over. This is Chessmate.

Justice must be served?

  • While meetings and conversations that Trump campaign officials, including Steve Bannon had with Cambridge Analyatica were not recorded, the fact that Donald Trump’s campaign paid Cambridge Analytica to conspire against the American voters using a calculated psychological manipulation campaign was made possible through the use of unethically obtained and stolen data.
  • It is an established fact that Hillary Clinton campaign openly conspired to deprive Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Party’s nomination. In this respect, she also conspired against the will, the wealth and the Law of the People.
  • While Facebook claims it was itself misled by Cambridge Analytica, consequently rushing to embrace the “victimized posture”, how many ordinary civilians including Edward Snowden have alleged that Facebook knew full well what Cambridge Analytica was doing with the data retrieved from its Facebook apps.
  • The French can testify when they had their accounts de-activated during the French presidential campaign on unsubstantiated grounds.  I happen to have been one, among 30,000 other cases, and anybody can have a look to my page and my posts during this period.

Stock markets reacted quite nervously as soon as the scandal emerged last Monday 19. Facebook’s share prices are down over 7% on the S&P 500. This represents the biggest tumble in the price of Facebook share prices since 2014. Moreover, the plunge has knocked Facebook out of the coveted big five companies atop the S&P 500. Furthermore, Alex Stamos, Facebook’s security director has announced that he will soon leave the company. What would 50 millions abused users be supposed to obtain amid violation of privacy and successful attempts to assassinate their Freedom of Speech? Have you said democracy ?

The “Russia did it !” myth exposed 

Ultimately, it appears that both candidates conspired against their own citizens. The irony is that it was not with Russia’s help. Macron can also hide under his bed with so many other submitted leaders to the Hegemon. This all situation is utterly pathetic.

Worse than Watergate?

In 1972, US President Richard Nixon conspired to cover-up a beak-in at the offices of his political opponents at the Watergate Complex. The scandal ultimately led to Nixon’s resignation in 1974. What the Trump campaign and the Clinton campaign did is the true face of the “Free”, Democratic world.  Ancient Philosophers warned the People to death. Is it time for new Ciceron-like laws?

No, they would be irrelevant as long as the three branches of power are controlled by a fourth branch. It is time for the U.S. dollar to step down as a global weapon of mass de-humanization. It is time for greedy Capitalism to realize it has lost the war

A total ban on all forms of data mining/harvesting for political purposes would not be respected. A total ban on the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence in any political campaign, either. This is the end for failed myths. Humanity has grown up higher, bigger and smarter than the Latinized Hegemon would have expected. To underestimate a bullied or quiet prey is a fatal mistake.

“Courage is knowing what to fear”, said Plato. Now, the fear, in its aristotelician sense, is gone.


“Cambridge Analytica” was a predestinated name to die on for the Latinized Hegemon. History shall remind that this name had ultimately little to do with great ontological causes and planetary perils. It was more vulgar than that. It was about absolute power, childish myths and lame excuses. It was about classified information for security reasons, fabricated evidence, backed-Islamic terrorism, mass-slaughters, regime change, corruption, grotesque diplomacy, bullying indoctrination, misinformation and/or evil manipulation scheme. All Empires destroy themselves from within. The 21st century shall be humanistic or it shall not be. There is no regret to feel. At this point in rampant human misery, on ruins only could we build ethical laws within each sovereign nation. The time has come now. It depends on people of courage and common sense living in a so-called “Free world” that was never free. To shape pacific international relationships between sovereign nations is the greatest accomplishment of a man against his own nature. If all laws are just and rulers are poor and wise, it shall be easy, for man was not born for solitude. Then, there shall be no Babel Tower to rebuild.


©Mylene Doublet O’Kane, March 22, 2018.

MD O’Kane is an Israeli French teacher, a postgraduate in Philosophy, in History of ideas and an independent analyst in geopolitics.


Republishing of this article is welcomed with reference to TCO. The views of the author do not necessarily coincide with the opinion of the editorial board.